New Video & Single From Cowboyy

London based lads cowboyy have really been picking up some buzz in the music blog world after having only formed in January of this year. Their very first song, “gmaps”, came out earlier this year and we failed to post at the time so this seems like a perfect time to share the new video for the previously released tune. It’s just so damn catchy and fun. Loving the way the guitar work is sort of playful but also fills out the entire sound of the song.

Cowboyy will release their debut EP Epic the Movie on March 6th via Nice Swan Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Hallan Share New Banger

Portsmouth based outfit Hallan just dropped this new single called “Sich Ubergeben” today and I had to share it with the ATH fam. It features this sort of old school, Brit post-punk sound clearly inspired by the likes of older Artic Monkeys or even say Kaiser Chiefs. For me, it’s a nice kick in the chest today amongst some of the more poppy or mellow tracks floating around the webs this week. I hope you’ll give it a a listen and maybe say high to the band on their social media platforms (IG, Facebook, Twitter). “Sich Ubergeben” is available on all streaming platforms via Nice Swan Records.

New Tune From English Teacher

On a day that more resembles a cloudy and windy day in the UK than our actual home of Austin, it seems like a fitting day to share a tune from Leeds based outfit English Teacher. This new tune “Mental Maths” features a sort of frantic, almost sloppy yet beat driven sound with some really timely and engaging vocals. All Leeds aren’t we!English Teacher will be releasing this track on their upcoming debut EP entitled Polyawkward due out on April 22nd via Nice Swan Records.


English Teacher Drop R&B Single

When you first press play on this English Teacher jam, you’re going to definitely here some likeness with recent pop acts like Dry Cleaning; the band employ the same sort of spoken word delivery coiled up in this anxiety ridden cavern of bobbing bass lines. Once you drop into that 1 minute mark, however, the song decides you’re in need of a good kick to the teeth; it rips through your speakers, shooting out distorted chords and rambunctious energy, like a train hurtling over a cliff…will we make it alive?! As calming as they being, the Leeds outfit are intent on destroying everything in their wake. Look for this tune as part of the Nice Swan Records Introduces Volume 1.