Last Week’s Jam (7.10 – 7.14)

I’m sure you missed our weekly re-runs of all the fun stuff we post, but I was on vacation! So, I hurried this week to play catch up on all those tunes, then hurried with RayRay to get them up for your ears. We had tons of stuff covered, from ATX faves A Giant Dog to a premiere of the new track from Pretty in Pink; there was nothing short of a bunch of bangers to run…and some aren’t even up on the DSPs, so we couldn’t get those in the list. Anyways…peruse the hits below, go back and read what we had to say, or don’t, just be sure to enjoy yourself a bit.

One More From Night Beats

Well unless you just straight up don’t read about the new tunes on our site, I’m sure you’ve seen my fandom around the upcoming LP from Danny Blackwell and his LA based project Night Beats. If you did miss it, go back and check out the albums lead banger “Hot Ghee,” the psych trip of “Thank You,” and the groovy one “Nightmare.” Once you’re done there, come on back for the last preview of the new album with this slow R&B melody of “Blue.” Hit play and melt into the beats.

All of these new tracks will appear on the new Night Beats album Rajan which is due out this Friday the 14th via Suicide Squeeze/Fuzz Club.

Last Week’s Jams (6.12 – 6.16)

Summer keeps on rolling right along like the hellfire that is Texas, and the song’s just keep hitting that sweet spot. Had some old acts make a return this past week with Devendra Banhart and Sigur Ros making the cut, but also excited to see old ATH Records act Being Dead with their banging new single. Along the way we had some hits from Night Beats, Dippers, Kindsight and Sonny & the Sunsets…to name but a few of the bands we can’t seem to stop covering on our end. A good little 20 song collection for you to kick off your day here!

One more jam from Night Beats

It seems like this new album from Danny Lee Blackwell and his project known as Night Beats is going to be one of the surprise gems of the summer. Having already shared two hits with “Hot Ghee” back in April and “Thank You” last month, my buzz and excitement was already building. Now getting yet another jam today with this new track, “Nightmare,” I can definitely confirm that the new album is going to be a psych-rock meets disco, meets bee-bop banger, from start to finish.

The new Night Beats album Rajan is due out on July 14th via Suicide Squeeze and Fuzz Club. Pre-orders are live now.

Last Week’s Jams (5.8 – 5.12)

Last week kicked off with a bang; we covered a whole bunch of tunes right off the bat, only to kind of fade towards the end of the week. Still, we managed to get up 20 tunes you should listen to, though the Mope City single isn’t out there yet on streaming services. Some Austin love came our way with Tearjerk and Balmorhea getting solid mentions, while we couldn’t help but to continue our fawning over Night Beats and their latest barrage of bangers. Threw in some new Shelflife releases from Lost Tapes and Youth Valley, and in the end, the new stuff from Shrapnel and Special Friend definitely won awards for my faves of the week. You’ve got an hour of legendary streams below!

Another New Jam From Night Beats

Our old pal Danny Lee Blackwell is having a bit of a resurgence in his career as he’s moved out to LA and is churning out some real gems under his Night Beats moniker. His latest hit, “Thank You,” is another tune that sort of defies a genre label or direct classification (which we are always here for). Sure we have the overt psych influence throughout, but you can also pick up soft touches of neo-soul or even some Southern gospel. As you undertake repeat listens and groove along with the beat, your sure to find some new layers to peel back and enjoy.

This track will appear on the new Night Beats album entitled Rajan which is due out on July 14th via Suicide Squeeze and Fuzz Club. Hit one of those links for pre-orders.

Last Week’s Jams (4.10 – 4.14)

Looking back at last week, there was tons of really great stuff out there, and admittedly, there are a few things we just didn’t have time to get to on our end. But, stoked for Austin, as there was great new music from Being Dead, Transy Warhol, Holy Wire and new project Feeling Small. My favorite track from the most recent Blues Laywer LP got a video treatment, so I had to have that one out. RayRay covered that huge banger from Night Beats, who will be in town for Psych Fest. And, one of my favorite SXSW acts Snooper announced their new LP too, so you get a bunch of winning hits!

Night Beats Share Hot Ghee

Danny Lee Blackwell is a name most of you should know as he has been involved in a slew of bands in and around both Texas and his relocation home of Seattle. If you do not know him by name, you surely know his musical work under the moniker Night Beats. Now based out of sunny LA, you can surely hear the blend of geographical influences in his latest track called “Hot Ghee.” It certainly has these very subtle and faint touches of Texas twang in the vocals and guitar which flow beautifully within the overall California psych bop style. It’s a straight up jam.

Night Beats will release this track as part of a new album entitle Rajan which is due out on July 14th via Suicide Squeeze and Fuzz Club. Pre-orders should be live now.

Abraxas Share Sunrise State (Of Mind)

Abraxas is the psych pop duo of Carolina Faruolo (ex-Los Bitchos) and Lee Blackwell of Austin’s own Night Beats. With Faruolo bringing her Uruguayan roots of cumbia and psych rock, paired with Blackwell’s soul and R&B inspirations, the duo has managed to create their very own brand of cumbia/reggaeton vibing psych rock. What may sound like a mess of genres, comes across focused, playful and downright catchy as hell on the duo’s lead single “Sunrise State (Of Mind)”. Seriously, I think Blackwell and Faruolo have just created a whole new genre I’m calling cumbia psych. It’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Abraxas will be releasing a debut album entitled Monte Carlo on October 28th via Suicide Squeeze Records.

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