Fortitude Valley Share Baby, I’m Afraid Video

If Laura Kovic wanted to get our attention with her band line-up, it doesn’t hurt that she’s fleshed out the Fortitude Valley line-up with members of Martha and Night Flowers. It also bodes well that the band just keep releasing these pop rock jams that just get stuck up inside your head! The latest singles is almost as much fun to watch as it is to listen to, letting these grunge-y pop rock riffs rip and swirl all over the place as Kovic bounces her voice in and out of the song’s grooves. The video matches up with the song perfectly, giving the sense that the band are not only enjoying the songwriting, but each other as well, which is always a bonus for a fan. Fika Recordings will release the debut self-titled LP in October of this year!

Delicious Indiepop from Fortitude Valley

I knew without even listening to this great Fortitude Valley tune that it would rule. The project stems from the mind of Laura Kovic, who played keys in Tigercats (a band that rules), but she grabbed members from Martha and Night Flowers (more bands that rule), so you knew, knew…it was going to be good. I was absolutely right, as the song starts slow, building in the natural movement over Kovic’s warm voice; I love how the fuzzy guitar shoots off in the distance behind the more purposeful licks in the very front. I was charmed right away, but the big hook comes around the 2 minute mark when extra backing vocals are included to really pull on your pop strings. As of right now, the band are wrapping up their debut, so here we are on proverbial pins and needles.

Funky Dream Pop From Tiny Deaths

unnamed-21Tiny Deaths consists of Claire de Lune and Grant Cutler, and together as vocalist and producer they are making some interesting pop of the dream variety. They’ve gained some attention after their debut EP and the following tour, and now they’re back with another EP called Night Flowers, which will be out February 19th. It will feature the sleek little number below, called “The Gardener,” which is a groovy tune that relies heavily on minimalism and the warmth of de Lune’s vocals. Synth and groovy riffs flesh out the rest of the mix, and make for a catchy number. Take a listen below.


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The Dream Of The 90s Is Alive With Night Flowers

11816265_882537551835279_1261872544787042425_oSo this track may be a few days old, but bear with me, as it’s a Monday and I’m playing catch up, but I don’t think you’ll really mind once you have a listen. Night Flowers are a five piece out of London who have taken shoe gaze dream pop to a whole different level. With the track below, “Sleep,” you’ll notice immediately the 90s influence in the guitars and percussion: that sort of grungey distortion on the riffs, the jangle of the tambourine. The vocals are what really make this song stand out for me; the female vocals are so pure and clear that they almost sound translucent, warmed up over the track with some other backing male vocals. I’m really digging the sound here, so I’ll be excited to hear the rest of the band’s self titled EP that’s due out from Dirty Bingo Records at the end of September.

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