Erasers Share Easy to See

Seeing that Constant Connection is out next week, this is likely the last single we get before the new Erasers record drops in our laps. While earlier tunes had this sort of heartbeat, “Easy to See” appears to be more reflective, almost like the final drops in the sink after you’ve turned off the faucet. Rebecca’s voice, while melodic, feels very much like this intoxicating mantra, more spoken then sung. The tune is the perfect to close out their album, looking back on all they’ve created, while also looking back on all we’ve created. Constant Connection drops on April 22nd via Night School/Fire Talk.

Pop Hit from Patience

Man…it’s a bummer Veronica Falls is no longer functioning, as it seems like every member has a ridiculously rad side project, be it Boys Forever, Ultimate Painting…and now Roxanne gives us Patience. We’ve heard very little but there’s a this brand new video/hit that definitely nicks from 80s club hits, even in the construction of the accompanying video. That being said, I love her voice here, and would basically listen to anything she does at the moment. And now that I think about it, maybe V Falls is just working on world domination by offering up a bunch of diverse tunes…whatever the reason, listen to Patience and look for The Pressure 7″ from Night School Records on September 30th.