More Music from Teddy Glass

Nights and Weekends is out in just a few weeks, so we’ve got to continue to support our friends in Teddy Glass. They just dropped this new track, a mixture of soul and funky pop undertones; it has this wobbly synth/beat line that sort of keeps you unsettled in the best way. Of course, Peter holds down the vocal display, and interestingly, he’s almost got this fatherly tone to his voice this go-round…as if he’s passing on some sage advice your way. You know, just another Austin act making good on their promise to keep bringing hot tracks our way.

Ageless Pop Stylings from Remote Places

remoteplacesThere are some brands of music that seem wholly set in their certain place in time; they seem to live in a moment, rather that making pop that transcends time…but not so with Remote Places. Sure, there are hints of hauntology, looking back at the club hits of the 80s, but the shimmering guitars and spinning melodies make the track perfectly vital in today’s time frame; it fits anywhere; it’s good anywhere, timeless. Look for the new Night and Weekends EP from Box Theory.