Show Preview: Spirtualized @ Emos (5/16)

Date Wednesday, May 16th
Location Emos
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $22 from C3

Jason Spaceman and Spirtualized don’t really need a huge introduction, or really a reason to convince you to see them at Emos on Wednesday.  The group’s recent release, Sweet Heart Sweet Light, has been universally heralded, and the cult status of the band is as strong as ever.  But, for those of you looking for a special something, you need to get there extra early in order to witness the songstress Nikki Lane.  Her music’s got a bit of twang to it, which is perhaps why Spiritualized have taken her out on the road.  There’s a sultry quality to her voice, and her live performance is something you’ve got to witness to understand.  Sounds like two great bands in line for one great show this Wednesday night.


Download: Nikki Lane – Gone Gone Gone [MP3]


Download: Spiritualized – Soul on Fire [MP3]