New from No Zu

capture-nozu-096midI’m really excited by No Zu. In a world where people often get thrown into genres or defined by their past efforts, this group of Australians remain undefined. Think of yourself combining elements of funk, jazz, punk and other dance (hall) elements, combining them all to form an entirely new sound that you’re not likely to hear anywhere else. Seems like the gradual progression of where Chk Chk Chk and LCD Soundsystem crashed into the sound the Clash left behind at the end of their career. It’s rad, and this track will be featured on their new album, Afterlife, which is released by Chapter Music on February 5th.

Is America Ready for No Zu?

nozuI’m not quite sure a lot of people Stateside have heard of No Zu…unless they picked up the Cut Copy compilation Oceans Apart from awhile back.  But, the groove on this track from the Melbourne artists will surely perk up some ears here.  First, there’s that throbbing pulse, yet you can also hear the influence of so many other areas like big band to 80s pop music.  It’s an interesting pastiche, and one that should come across as rather refreshing in a genre that can often grow stale.  You can grab this new single from the band’s new label, Chapter Music, or wait for their next LP on the label early next year; it’s titled Afterlife.