Hellrazor Share Jello Stars Single

Strangely, when this new track from Hellrazor drops in, I thought to myself, “I wish this is what that new Hum record sounded like.” But, with that spacey noise up front, the noise recedes, opening up this tune to a bit more of a melodic draw, pulling back the covers on the band’s pop tendencies. Still, you can hear the thump of the drums, tempered since their opening pummel; they take the chorus and help launch the song into this wall swell of ferocious noise, albeit one with a softened underbelly. Plus, those in need of the heavy fix get a mid-track breakdown with furious drum work that doesn’t quit until your ears are bloodied and the song crawls to a close.

Blue Ocean Share Summer of Hands Video

If Blue Ocean isn’t on your radar, you haven’t been reading this site! But, we can fix that right now by sharing the band’s brand new video for “Summer of Hands.” This tune comes from the group’s new Blue Ocean LP, which compiles remastered tunes from their stellar EPs (via Paisley Shirt) and puts them on one great release courtesy of Dandy Boy Records. If you’re new to the project, this is a perfect introduction, as they are one of the best at combining genres, as they do here by taking a jangling line of indie rock then covering it with this atmospheric squall of beautiful noise. The accompanying video here seems to match that, taking imagery of scenes near the blue oceans and coating them in a nice little bit of haze. Don’t wait for Bandcamp Friday, buy the LP HERE.

Stream Star Party’s Push You Aside Single

Last week Bandcamp gave a huge push to Star Party‘s forthcoming Meadow Flower LP, and while the band were on my radar, it’s only fitting that I share that out with you all too, just in case you missed it. I think it’d be easy to toss the band in the bucket with acts like Best Coast or Vivian Girls, and probably not too far off, sonically. But, there’s this heavy noise element, something that seems a little darker and perhaps a little more counter-culture; they’re the Shangri-Las to everyone else’s Supremes. Their debut album looks to take those bedroom influences and fill your living room with cacophonous noise that echoes while your mind soaks in the sugary goodness of the melodies. The album drops on March 11th, but you can order it now!

Dayflower Share Sonic Single

Leicester’s Dayflower just dropped this shredding bit of noisy pop music, so it wouldn’t feel right not to share it with you here. The song rushes in with this pounding rhythm and a thick cloud of distorted noise ripping through your speakers. But, the clouds part, revealing that thumping bass line and some melodic vocals that wrap themselves round the angular guitar notes of the verses. It all crashes into this explosive chorus that combines the melody with maddening noise, disorienting and calming. This feels like this is where you should start your day, journeying with new Monday jams! Let’s hope there’s more where this came from!

Alcopops Release Devil EP

I’ve been spending quite a bit of our time covering Portland’s Alcopops, who’ve crafted this perfectly delicious little fuzz pop Devil EP; it’s out in the world now, so I wanted to revisit some of the various reasons I love it. From the first track “Sins,” you get these huge chugging riffs, though I’ll be honest, you can hear some of the indie rock history of the Pacific NW in the band’s arrangements. ‘”Seventy Two” plays a little bit softer, hanging on the band’s more melodic tendencies; I’m a big fan of the warmth of the chorus on that jam. “Try Not to Laugh” takes on a more exploratory fashion, spreading its wings and exploring the noise the band have created, with a nice little curtain of heavy vocals draped atop. Then, just like that the EP closes with “True Bugs,” featuring this huge squalling guitar that crashes into the listener in the best way possible; it’s like getting hit by a storm only you get back up and run right into it. My only complaint? There’s only 4 songs, so lets hope the group get right back to writing more jams.

Japan Review Share Channel Waves Single

I’m not sure if Japan Review is on everyone’s radar just yet, but I’d really like to continue to push for the band’s inclusion in your listening rotation, thus why I’m here dropping this new single. From the get-go, you get this sampled machine gun drum beat, working in unison with this wall of guitar noise, clouding the horizon for the listener. Then Adam O’Sullivan drapes his voice carefully in the empty space, and while there’s a quiet softness, he seems pained, or tired (like us all). Still, the song’s not done there, moving into a more melodic moment for the chorus, then opening up in the track’s back half for sonic exploration of striking ambient noise. I’m totally in love with Kvetch Sounds; it’s out on October 29th via Reckless Yes.

Alcopops Release True Bugs Single

We’re a few weeks away from getting to hear the entirety of the new Alcopops release, Devil EP. Today, with this new single, they’ve kind of got me captivated, dropping punishing riffs that blanket these central melodies. At times the band feels like a post-hardcore version of Built to Spill, particularly when it opened it feels like the chorus of “Cars.” But, they bang out this noise, akin to all your favorite “not-quite shoegaze” acts. But, one thing I really am drawn to is the band’s little bits of crisp pop noodling that lurk in this single; I’ll let you follow the breadcrumbs on your own, but this is a jam for sure. Devil EP drops on October 29th.


Japan Review Share Kvetch Sounds

What on Earth is this beautiful sound coming from the latest Japan Review single? Immediately my ears filled with these discordant angular riffs, just heavily jangling, bouncing notes off one another to create this dense background of anxiousness. Moments later, synth work rolls into the picture, polishing the song like a fine gem, letting the melodic vocals calm your nerves as drums snap at the mix from below. Every sound works against each other, and in crashing together, they mix and leave you blanketed with this sublime piece of artful noise. I’m totally floored by this tune, and hoping that the whole of their new LP, Kvetch Sounds, lives up to this track; it’s out on October 29th via Reckless Yes.

Boyracer Announce Assuaged LP

You think Boyracer plan to slow down? Absolutely not! The band return with a brand new record this year; Assuaged will be released by Stewart’s own label Emotional Response. Our first listen has the band brandishing their noisy elements and coiling them around a nice little bubblegum pop core, ready to spring exuberant hooks on unassuming fans. Stew gets the perfect foil here from bandmate Christina Riley, tossing in some supporting harmonies to give the melody a little more buoyancy. For me, the star of the show, however is the drum work; it’s so sharp and helps keep the song rambunctious and fun all at once. Assuaged drops on July 5th!

Dummy Announce EP2

Dummy burst onto the scene this year with a brilliant EP that culled a bunch of influences from indiepop, noise, shoe gaze and more…it was an exploratory collection of great pop references. Today they’ve announced EP2, their second release this year; this opening single is a doozy! It’s got that sort of blend of kraut and pop driving rhythms, sort of that feeling of a train barreling down the tracks with a smile on the conductor’s face. There’s a slight vocal that courses through, acting as the song’s gravitational pull holding all the pieces together…even bringing in some textured backing vocals too. At first, I thought they were going to ride out the track in peppy fashion…but please, just stay focused for the entirety of the song…you’ll thank me when you get there! How does a brand new band get this good so fast? Well, we’ll find out just how good when EP2 drops November 6th.

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