No Museums Share Folk Art

No Museums are no stranger to these here Interweb pages, and I’m really stoked on this ripping tune they’ve just gotten out there. In this song, it feels like that sort of middling ground between noise exploration and meditative rock. There’s a guitar line, galloping like a wild horse through the song’s horizon, juxtaposed with this melodic vocal that sort of operates with some sort of pop gravitational pull. It feels like at any time the band could lose it and entirely let go, or, perhaps not. Interested to see if this is a precursor to a new album, but for now, I welcome the noise!

Noisy Number from FEWS

Just because this song’s filled with noise, don’t feel like FEWS are ascribing themselves to any particular genre of gaze or anything. Instead, they’re just creating this wall of heavy riffs that crash down upon your ears as the drums pound ominously in the distance. I’m interested in the matter-of-fact delivery of the vocals, almost hidden deep within the confines of the tune. And suddenly, it’s over. You’re jamming, you’re rocking…and then its done, so you can go back and play it again. Oh, and in case you haven’t caught the musical reference point yet, perhaps go check out Gary Numan.

Quick Rocker from EULA

eulaThe last few days I went a little soft on you, which is completely fair, but I wanted to toss out something a bit heavier for you today.  This jam from EULA is about as noisy as they come, filled with crashing drum work and heavy-handed guitar work.  All the while there’s this sporadic shouting coming from Alyse Lamb,  almost being used as an extra instrument in the decibel factor.  The band’s new 7″ will be coming out on July 15th via Bloodmoss Records, so if loud is your thing, you’ll find it here.

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Noise Rock From Young Mammals

389868_10150534123080912_1744921978_nSomehow Houston band Young Mammals has yet to be featured on this here website, and that’s just a shame when such a talented band is living in your backyard.  These guys craft their very own stye of noisy, distorted guitar heavy, rockin’ music.  What I’m sure is many reader’s first exposure to the band, “Build a House”, can be found below.  You’ll find that’s equal parts catchy and gritty all at the same time.

This track appears on a new 7″ coming out on November 5th via Odd Hours


Download: Young Mammals – Build A House [MP3]