Lacto-Ovo Share Nu West

While Lacto-Ovo largely been quiet for the better part of two decades, but with the recent digital reissuing of Shoes & You and Tsunami Pop, the band have rekindled the flame, so to speak. In doing so, they unearthed a lost CD from a recording session meant for their third album…and today, we’re excited to give you a first listen. It’s an oddball art-pop dance party, one you might associate with your favorite Devo impersonators. One thing I love, aside from the sheer infectiousness of those hook-laden beats is that the band blend this sort of class pop chorus into it; it gives the song this warmth that sort of offsets the electronic pulse of the tune leaving you with this endearing charm you’ll want to put in your pocket to take with you! The songs being supported by our dear friends at Lost and Lonesome, hinting that the final LO chapter may yet to have been written.

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