More New Music from The Legs

legs-e1361513246175Not too long ago I brought you the first single from Legs upcoming album, Pass the Ringo, and I’m at it again with this new gem for your ears.  This track has a faster pace than “Two Colours,” and I’m personally attached to the way each verse sort of fades out just before picking up right where the group left off.  It’s surprising more people aren’t head over heels in love with this band, as songs like this are just too good to simply ignore.  You can pick up their LP next week from our homies over Log Lady Records.




Fresh New Rocker from Manatee

If you thought the year was over in regards to new music, well, Slumberland Records has news for you kids! They’ve got one more release coming your way soon,  this brand new 7″ flexi from Oakland’s Manatee. I can’t get the A-Side from this excellent release out of my head, and I think that’s mostly because it sounds like old school rock n’ roll coming out of Oakland, and by that, I mean circa late 80s and into the 90s (that’s old school) for me.  It’s a bit punky, but also a bit quirky, which definitely seems to fit the band’s attitude.  Come on, the B-Side is titled “Chased by Anderson Cooper,” so it’s all about fun, yet it’s all about being good too!


Download: Manatee – Mr Super [MP3]

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