Baby Blue Share Another Single

We will finally be able to hear Of My Window in its entirety when its released next week, but for now, Baby Blue have offered one last glimpse at what’s in store for us. When the song kicks in, there’s this charming bit of baroque pop, sort of Camera Obscura adjacent; there’s an emphatic punch there, almost this direct playfulness. Soon, however, the band pulls it all back, letting the swagger subside so we can all catch our breath together. Here the song seems to carefully churn out little rays of sunlight, bright guitar lines creeping through the speakers before the tune gallops back into its more joyous moments. Of My Window hits on April 12th via Lost and Lonesome.

Baby Blue Drop Human Race Single

I loved the first track from the forthcoming Baby Blue LP, and now there’s another one that feels like a stoned bit of sunny pop. You can hear the sun shining through the structure of the guitar lines, but the steadied beat of the drums keep the track locked into this sedated pace. That crafted weariness seems to perfectly connect with Rhea Caldwell’s lyrics as she seems exhausted by the existence of the human race…and sadly that’s a feeling a lot of us align with, so you find yourself sinking into the song as it chugs along. They’ll be releasing Of My Window via Lost and Lonesome on April 17th.

Baby Blue Share It’s a Match Single + Announce Debut LP

You’ve always got to keep an eye on the Melbourne music scene, as a new band seemingly springs up every other day, and today, we’ve got Baby Blue. The band features Rhea Caldwell, who played guitar in our old pal Michael Beach’s band, so you know the songwriting licks are already in there. This first single is like a Springtime pop tune, sort of wistful and pastoral, with little sprinkling dashes of psychedelia lurking here and there, giving off this mysticism. There’s this really delicious pop moment right at 2:09, and that moment right there sold the song for me, as if I needed more. The band will release Of My Window early next year via Lost and Lonesome.

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