Last Week’s Jams, Today (October 4 – 8)

Sorry we took yesterday off, but it was a full day of training for us teachers, so I’ll be honest…I didn’t even look at the Internet because I was being trained on how to administer a test that I have to give today, so there’s no pressure there. Anyways, we covered some great tunes last week, so I reckoned we’d jump back in and share those out to get us started on Tuesday…that and the tunes are slowing down as we near the end of the year. Anyways, I’m still stuck on “Authenticity” as one of my favorite jams of the year (just jump in at 2:35 for starters), so be sure to spend some time with that one below.

Old Man of the Woods Shares Sharks

I’ve really been impressed with the few little trickles of tunes coming from Miranda Elliott’s Old Man of the Woods project. Her work feels like synth pop on the surface, but to me, it feels like she’s crafting these little delicately woven ballads, meant to be shared in secret, only she’s replaced traditional instruments with her synth work. Her voice is powerful enough to carry the weight of the negative space left in the song, though as the tune progresses, you can hear backing vocals overlap just as the beat begins to jump up with a hint of pace. The debut LP, Votives, is out October 15th via Totally Real Records.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (September 20 – 24)

Here we are kicking off another great week in life, am I right? We wanted to start your Monday with a glance over our shoulders at last week’s hits. I think we covered some pretty great stuff last week, some of which you might have only been able to find through us, some of it you just need to be sure you check out. Love the new Ovlov track, and can’t stop playing this Smallgoods album; you’d also do well to visit that Japan Review tune too! Tons of different vibes, which is always our vibe. Have a good week loves.

Old Man of the Woods Shares Let Me Miss You

When it comes to the softer brand of lo-fi, there are certain things that definitely allow me to immerse myself in the musical element, one of which is a distinctive voice. Miranda Elliott, the songwriter behind Old Man of the Woods, has this way of letting her voice seemingly quiver, rising up and down from syllable to syllable, forcing enchantment on listeners. The music here seems to be made of this jangling strummed loop, naked at first, then adding a further texture to the song to elevate the arrangement; this is the brand that gets me on board! Look for the debut, Votives, on October 15th via Totally Real Records.