Last Week’s Jams, Today (August 23 -27)

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you’re doing alright, physically and emotionally. We’re here to wrap up last week’s hits, or at least what we loved. This collection has a bunch of songs included from some albums that dropped on Friday, as well as new tunes from Gustaf, Dinner and the new collaboration from Living Hour + Peel Dream Magazine. Start your week off right by reviewing what we loved last week. Have a good day!

Opera Share Castles in the Sand

I don’t know too much about Opera, admittedly, but I can’t stop pressing play on this new track from the Boston duo. They’re crafting this super lo-fi fuzz rock, sounding almost completely disheveled at all times; it truly does feel like you’ve blown a speaker here. Honestly, the mix has the perfect volume, which isn’t always the case with this brand, so the band already win there. Still, success isn’t in the noise here, as it lies in the balance between that shattering noise and the melodic underbelly provided by the vocal work on this tune. Seriously, just listen right at the 1:00 mark, and be ready to swoon over this tune. I’m going to be play this damn song all day.