Unreleased Recordings of Zac Denton Announced as Love, Lust, Lost

Zac Denton was one of the many heads of the Ocean Party, which to be honest, probably turned me onto the Australian scene as a whole. He was also a member of various other acts from Cool Sounds to Ciggie Witch to No Local and more. Unfortunately, tragedy took Zac away from us, but we’ll always have his songwriting to hold onto. Today, Osborne Again/Spunk/Lost and Lonesome/Emotional Response announce the limited release of some of Zac’s unreleased songs. I’d like for you to slide into this unreleased tune, and I’m not going to go on and on about its finer details, instead letting you just take in the pure joy that is a Zac Denton penned tune. Love, Lust, Lost will be released on August 26th, celebrating Zac’s birthday.


Partner Look Announce Debut LP

We first brought you news of Partner Look last April, when the band dropped a quick 7″ after forming as kind of a spur of the moment projects between the Hasnain sisters and their partners, Lachlan Denton and Dainis Lacey. This is one of the unique things about the Melbourne scene right now, with friends trading places all over to create exciting new projects. Today, the band announce their debut self-titled LP, dropping via Trouble in Mind/Osborne Again/Spunk in February. Lachlan (of Pop Filter/LD + ER/Ocean Party) gets the lead on the vocals here, and his voice always has this familiarity and spirited vibrance; it adds to the bouncing rhythm section helmed by his drum work. There’s a little bit of twang in the guitars, sort of taking a kind of psychedelic folk boogie to the track that reaches its climax in the chorus when everyone joins in for a singalong. Try this one on for size.

Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton Share Authenticity

I was all prepared for a really forlorn vibe to course through the whole of this last single from Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton; honestly, you get this intimate listen to Lachlan here, just working his voices over a really light strum. At :51 seconds, he’s joined by Emma, carefully, then letting a percussive element join them, giving the song just the faintest little bob and bounce. There’s this carefully ornate guitar line soloing after the 2 minute mark that’s absolutely charming, setting Denton up for this incredibly powerful wail that just crashes into you with such brutal force that I’m pretty sure a tear came to my eye. Something is Going to Change Tomorrow, Today. What Will You Do? What Will You Say is out this Friday!

Snowy Band Share Call It A Day

Right now, I couldn’t think of a better way to begin my day than to curl up next to this new track from Snowy Band. There’s just something about Liam’s delivery that’s soothing, whether its the tone or just the natural volume, it feels like wrapping up in a weighted blanket. But, while the song’s mostly working around the light strum crashing into discord and heavier guitar work, the chorus is this sublime little treat you’ll want to put in your pocket and save for a rainy day; you get this moment for its first time right at the 2:30 mark…that’s when I became well and truly smitten. Alternate Endings is out on August 27th via Osborne Again/Spunk Records.

Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton Announce New Album

Two of my favorite songwriters have teamed up once again! Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton (Pop Filter) have reunited for another record, which based on the first single, will likely be filled with charming pop numbers you’ll play time and time again. We open here with this jangling piano line, something akin to a classic rock feel with Lachlan narrating the storyline. Quickly, guitars begin to ring a bit more, there’s a swell and suddenly Emma joins in to lift the song’s spiritual connection. The song travels back to another verse/chorus before the rest of their friends join in the fun to “take solace” in the togetherness. They’ve titled the new record Something is Going to Change Tomorrow, Today. What Will You Do? What Will You Say, and its out on October 8th via the always reliable Bobo Integral/Spunk Records/Osborne Again.

Skydeck Drop Dogshot Video

If you’re into the Aussie scene and you follow bands like Ciggie Witch or Pregnancy, well, this new tune from Skydeck sounds nothing like that. But, it does features members of the band, though they’re offering up more of a darkened dance pop for your ears. The tune has this heavy punch on the synth lines, giving you this head-bobbing beat as the vocal delivery operates in between the notes. There’s this slight little set-up for the chorus that offers glimmers of jangling guitar pop, albeit super brief. It all sets things up for this infectious dancefloor-ready hit, waiting for you to punch-dance your way onto the floor. The group drop their new Coupon LP on August 27th via Dinosaur City/Osborne Again/KingfisherBluez.

Introducing Robot Fox + Announcing Sham Rage

It’s time we introduce you to the world of Robot Fox, a brand new outfit from Melbourne featuring members of Crepes, Cool Sounds and other local acts. Listening through the band’s debut single from their Sham Rage LP, this is how psychedelic pop music should be made. Full stop. In the first few moments, you’re seduced by this meditative guitar that seems to sedate the listener, like sinking into your chair and drifting away on some LSD trip. When Pierce Morton enters the fray, his lackadaisical delivery feels like a mantra, like a calling out from the beyond; you’ll hear an increased musical element shimmering, along with some backing vocals. I love how they let the song breathe too, allowing the listener to bathe themselves in the sound. Throw in a little jazzy breakdown that comes out with this sky ripping guitar solo and you’ll be totally in love with the band’s sound. Their debut is Sham Rage, and its out on April 30th via Osborne Again!

Wurld Series Share Distant Business

New Zealand outfit Wurld Series continue to mix up their sound, blending elements of fuzzy indie rock, accessible pop and a penchant for racket. This one feels like a bit more of the latter, though there’s still a core melodic bit in the vocals to serve as the gravitational glue holding the song all together. At times, it sounds like the bastard sons of Pavement, unabashedly banging out their frivolous guitar licks without a care as to how they come across to the listener. You’ve got a love a bit of that devil-may-care attitude, and with the continuous push to mix up their sound, What’s Growing is shaping up to be a mighty nice collection of tunes; it drops on March 19 via Meritorio/Osborne Again/Melted Ice Cream.


Stream This: Cool Sounds + Toledo + Kelly Duplex

It’s Friday…and I just wanted to point you in the direction of some jams that have been on rotation around these parts, just in case you don’t have the time to really browse through the web and find that magic. So here’s a couple of suggestions on my end.

Cool Sounds are an Aussie outfit we’ve supported for some time, and today they release Bystander around the world. For me, I’ve been drawn to “Back to Me” since I first heard it, so I’m sticking with that as my favorite slow burn on the LP, but, there’s this subtle sunlight from “South of France.”

And, earlier this week we tossed out a tune from Toledo, and the band drop their Jockeys of Love EP today. It’s a collection of well written ballads with just a faint hint of that subtle emo sound; it reminds me a lot of Good Morning, offering just good clean guitar tunes to bounce around in your head.

Kelly Duplex‘s debut LP is something I’ve been raving about the last few months, sharing every little single I could. Well, today’s the day you get to hear it in its entirety, courtesy of Strange Daisy. Plus, if you’re a collector of vinyl, you’ve got to see all the limited edition colors they’re offering…on top of these rad songs!

Cool Sounds Share Crimson Mask

Big fan of everything that Cool Sounds have been working on the last few years, and with another single comes more Nathan support. This particular single feels a bit nostalgic; it’s got this sort of Kenny Loggins spirited vibe to it, bouncing and catchy, though also feeling rather homely. You can put that intimacy down to the musicianship here, as the group work beneath the front of the mix to build in ample layers of creative texture. There’s a really nice hook in at 1:05 via the vocals I couldn’t get enough of, and then the backside has this great little jam out illustrating the band is offering up more than nostalgic nods. Their new LP Bystander is out on February 12th via Osborne Again Music.

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