Stream Two New Tracks from the Ovens Reissue

While the world might not be entirely aware of Ovens and their history, the indie world surely knows of Tony Molina and his gifted songwriting. He released several great LPs via Slumberland and has since dropped a few more, but we’re here to talk about his earlier work in Ovens. The San Fan band are getting the reissue of their work via Tankcrimes, and there’s now two more tracks available from the collection. Honestly, you’d be best suited to jump to Bandcamp and play these songs in succession. They’re perfectly matched, “Good Idea” offering Tony’s softer side, teasing his craft of melody before jumping right into the ripper that is “Bad Day.” The Ovens collection drops on December 2nd.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (10.17 – 10.21)

In a week where tons was going on, we hit it fairly harder than I remember. We ran a preview of Levitation (kicking off this week) by catching up with La Femme, plus we learned how to make a sweet acai bowl with Ribbon Stage. Dropped a few brand new tunes from folks like The Living Pins and Elizabeth, plus through out some encouraging album streams from Melby, Twain and more. This is a great way to catch up on all those tunes we ran, and maybe jump back in time and look at our interviews. Or, just turn it up and rock it out, cuz you know, Monday.

Ovens Announce 44 Song Reissue

I’m an avowed Tony Molina fan, and knowing part of his history, Ovens is definitely a huge piece, which is perhaps why the band are releasing a huge double LP 44 song reissue of their work via TankCrimes. There’s a couple of tracks to enjoy from the release, with one certainly nodding to the pop riffs Weezer was pulling off about the same time, but it includes the noted Molina brevity. The other tune still has a nice little bounce, but a little cleaner sound, hinting at some of the work Tony would pull into his later catalog. Regardless of whether you’re a TM fan or not, the collection has a bit for everyone, if you’re into power pop, punk, metal, emo; it all fits into the Ovens LP, which will drop on December 2nd.