Red Pants Ready When We Were Dancing

We’re about a week away from the release of Red Pants‘ new long-player, so seems a fitting Friday to slide in and visit a couple of the tunes they’ve got headed your way. On the opening tune of the record you’ll find this heavy guitar vibe, almost something out of the early 90s post-hardcore scene, but the vocals contrast that, creating a softer underbelly that releases the pop-centric vibe. Later down the album you end in the quick banger, “Another Haircut,” which is like a rambunctious roll in the hay, with my only complaint being its quick end! Two great tracks to whet your appetite before When We Were Dancing drops next week via Paisley Shirt Records.

Cool Friday Album Streams: Smoke Bellow, Hits, Sweet Nobody and TC Superstar

I’ve been posting a whole lot of singles and stuff this week, mostly because I like to over-indulge and see who is listening. No one, apparently. But, why not wrap up this week of working harder than I ever have before by sharing some cool records I liked that drop today? Yeah? Ok.

Smoke BellowOpen for Business (Trouble in Mind)

If you’re into that new Dry Cleaning album (and you should be), then see how far this Baltimore outfit can take that sound…pushing to a weirder, albeit synthesized, world. Like Kraftwerk covering Dry Cleaning at a Halloween party for art school kids.

Sweet NobodyWe’re Trying Our Best (Daydream Records)

I’ve written about every single on this album, and could easily make comparisons to the likes of the Beths or Alvvays…all good things. If you’ve got a sweet tooth and need something to snack on, press play.

HitsCielo Nublado (Paisley Shirt Records)

You ever wonder what Sarah Records would sound like if they got transported to the future about 20 years? Well, pretty sure that Hits have given you the answer to that question, so if you’re looking for ramshackle pop, you’ve come to the right place!

TC SuperstarAs Seen on TV

Austin’s dance party drop their latest record today; it’s 9 songs of catchy hooks ready for you to invite your friends over for the night to celebrate the joys of life. Stomp about until the neighbors complain about the noise.

Hits Announce Cielo Nublado

Is there a music scene hotter than what’s going on over in San Francisco right now? And with that, are your eyes fully on everything going on Paisley Shirt Records? Well, the label just announced they’re bring you Hits (the band, but also they will provide hits as you see below) newest LP, Cielo Nublado. You get to sample a few tracks, and if the bubbling Cali vibes mashed with 60s doo-wop don’t just suck you right in, then maybe it’ll be the Suicide reference that grabs you. Or you could slip into the anti-jangle of “Trotting Lemmings;” the song seems to be working against itself, pushing back against the runaway drum work! Don’t wait for a Cloudy Sky, the new record drops on September 17, so pre-order it now!

Cool Album Streams: Flowertown, BRNDA, The Suncharms and The Arctic Flow

Friday’s are great days to just get lost in an album, because let’s face it, none of us are really focused on work right now anyways. We’ve got some stellar ways to spend your day here; feel free to just press play and check back in to the world in a few days. You deserve it!

FlowertownTime Trials (Paisley Shirt Records)

1 part Cindy + 1 part Tony Jay = Genius. Seriously, the first LP this band put together was great. But, they were like, you know what? We can totally do better. And they did. Not a bad track here. Just imagine yourself loving pop music but getting stuck in your best dreams. That’s this record!

BRNDADo You Like Salt? (Crafted Sounds)

Why yes, I do like Salt. I also like this record from BRNDA a whole lot. All of you kids that are super into that Dry Cleaning LP, but secretly hoping for a little bit more of a groove have come the right place. This band takes that post-punk/no-punk brand and gives it a swift kick in the ass. Your Friday needs it!

The SuncharmsDistant Lights (Sunday Records)

Having mostly been quiet for the last 30 some-odd years, legendary act The Suncharms recently started to pop back up in 2018, with a couple of tunes for the heralded Slumberland 30 Series. Today, you get treated to an entire record of delightful pop tunes, perhaps a little softer around the edges, but I promise you’re all the better for it!

The Arctic FlowLost You Long Ago (Sunday Records)

Sunday Records thought releasing one great was fine, but releasing two in one day is even better, so here we are with the follow-up to Umbrella (2017). Brian Hancheck’s songwriting has always had this incredibly strong emotional pull to it, and it doesn’t seem like he’s holding anything back on this record. It’s like a softcore jangle pop record, certainly built to woo you as your drift into a Friday afternoon.

Flowertown Announce Time Trials

You might remember our little Rock N’ Recipes with Karina and Mike of Flowertown, but if not, you need to immediately spend your money on buying the new album from the duo. It’s weird that they announced Time Trials on the same day as the latest Damon and Naomi dropped, as it definitely feels like there’s this lineage with Galaxie 500, or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part. The title track is just ridiculous; it’s too good for you to not listen to it, so you now have a bit of time to rectify that. Then there’s this ghostly haunt for “The Way Back,” like the tune you might here being sung to you by the friendly ghosts of the nearest haunted orphanage. I don’t wanna be the dude that’s like “yo, if your’e not listening to this you’re uncool!” So don’t be like uncool man, go grab the record from Paisley Shirt Records; its out on August 20th!

Cool Stuff from San Francisco: April Magazine + Reds, Pinks and Purples

Honestly, there’s not a scene in the States that’s been so consistently up my alley as San Francisco, and of course, there’s so much of it, sometimes you can’t get to all the posts in one day…so here’s me catching up on two deserving bands and their jams from last week. First, there’s April Magazine, who will release Sunday Music for an Overpass this Friday via Paisley Shirt Records. The tune I’ve got below is this short haunting ballad, like a beautiful little candle flickering in the dark before sputtering out. Then, of course, The Reds, Pinks & Purples officially released their latest 7″, which was originally a bonus if you ordered their latest Uncommon Weather from Slumberland Records.


Stream Another Tune from The Telephone Numbers

I’m not really sure there’s an artist at the moment that makes me feel like the world hold this infinite promise, at least not as much as Thomas Rubinstein’s voice does on the latest Telephone Numbers tune. Sure, those ringing guitar tones don’t hurt too, but really this song for me is all about Rubinstein and the song’s textured arrangements; I love a sweeping string bit, probably more so than the next guy, so match it up with one of my favorite guitar sounds and I’m in. Then Thomas throws in that chorus and I’m shook, as the kids say. Just give me the record already! Look for The Ballad of Doug via Paisley Shirt/Meritorio Records on June 25th.

Did You Miss Tony Jay

There’s probably only a handful of labels that I’m ride or die for of late, but certainly have to admit that Paisley Shirt Records is one of them…especially with this new Tony Jay on the horizon. My joy comes here in listening to the recordings, like bedroom pop for the outsiders; the pop made at home for no one else, with the occasional friend throwing in a note here and there. In listening through a few times on repeat, there’s this really subtle little movement around the 1:30 mark where a faint little guitar line sort of flutters around like a moth looking for light. I’m just totally mesmerized, and can’t wait to hear the whole LP; Hey There Flower drops on May 14th.

The Telephone Numbers Share Kaleidoscope

Our list of albums to look forward towards as the year ramps up includes this forthcoming LP from The Telephone Numbers. While the track may feature the slightest of acoustic jangles, its the work behind Thomas Rubenstein’s voice that really elevates the song. String arrangements are the most obvious, like a hand from the the heavens sprinkling magical melodic dust, sweeping across the song to coat it in this textural warmth. Behind that light jangle you can also hear another guitar line, sort of dancing a jig around the front of the mix, but it adds punctuation to both vocals and guitar notes, giving Thomas a pop hero’s welcome. The Ballad of Doug is out June 25th via Meritorio/Paisley Shirt.

Rock n’ Recipes: Flowertown

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve done a proper run with Rock n’ Recipes, so wanted to return this year with a banger; we were fortunate enough to catch up with Mike and Karina of Flowertown. They recently announced that they’ll be putting two of their recent EPs for Paisley Shirt Records onto one great LP for Mt. St. Mtn. If you’re not familiar with the duo, you might have heard lots of buzz about their other projects like Cindy or Tony Jay, but jump below to catch up on the current work! Pre-Order the LP HERE.

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