Last Week’s Jams, Today (8.1 – 8.5)

Back to the grind! I’m back at work, getting read to teach the kids and what not! But, looking back at last week, we covered a lot of rad territory I think that’s worthy of you easing into your work week, or just your day. I was stoked to hear Emma Kupa popping up on the latest track from Let’s Whisper, a band she’s joined recently. RayRay dropped new tunes from Sunfruits and Pale Blue Eyes, as well as threw some love towards the new Mall Walker EP. I know there was a lot of love and buzz on the new Peel Dream Magazine and Winter tunes, but personally, the track I couldn’t stop playing was the Enola jam inclued. Anyways, enjoy.

Bright Indie Pop From Pale Blue Eyes

If you’re out there looking for some bright indie pop tunes in your life, look no further than this gem called “Little Gem” from Totnes based outfit Pale Blue Eyes. The song is filling this void in an indie pop genre that has become ever diluted with artists looking to become pop stars and fill arenas. On the flip side of that, “Little Gem” offers this very playful and engaging sound with a great driving beat powering the track and never letting up for 3 minutes. Think The Drums pop stylings married with Wavves driving beats.

Pale Blue Eyes will release new album Souvenirs on September 2nd via Full Time Hobby. Pre-orders are live now.

No Museums Announce Pale Blue Eyes LP

I’ve been covering Edmonton’s No Museums for almost as long as we’ve been running this site. Aside from great songs, I admire that the project just goes about its business, reshaping the sound with every release. On the new single form the forthcoming Pale Blue Eyes, the song feels like it should rush through your door; it has this heavy ringing feel to it that just builds brooding guitar pop. But, where the pace could be pushed, the band hold back, instead adding in extra textures, keeping the rhythm steady and layering with some keys and strings, all of it giving the song this sort of resolute stature. Pale Blue Eyes is out on February 25th.

Catchy Pop Tune from Wilding

I’m definitely in a pop mood this week; I need a little skip in my step as I bounce into the summer.  When lurking on the usual Australian zines, I ran across this excellent track from Wilding, which definitely has shades of classic 60s Californian pop.  The group, which is mostly the project of one man, just released an album titled Bird’s Bread via Laughing Outlaw, and each track is just as uplifting as the next.  This is definitely getting my attention, so I hope you share my enjoyment when you hear this track.


Download:WIlding – Pale Blue Eyes [MP3]