Sunnsetter Drops New Single

Ontario based outfit Sunnsetter released a stunner of an LP last year called The best that i can be. which was one of my favorite spins in 2023. After such a unique and emotional release, one might think you’d see some sort of break or drop off in the new year, but no, new music is again forthcoming! This new single “I Actually Don’t Wanna Die” released yesterday and features an emotive sonic experience full of both down trodden moments paired with bits of joy and hope. I love it. This single comes by way of the legends Paper Bag Records.

Rural Alberta Advantage Drop New Single

It’s always a treat when we can reconnect with a band that was featured in our earliest days of ATH, and Toronto based Rural Alberta Advantage would surely be one of those groups. It was a pleasure to see the band return with their original lineup last year with an EP entitled The Rise, and it’s an even greater delight to hear word of a full LP coming next month. Pairing all the tunes from last year’s EP with seven new ones, The Rise & The Fall will hit be released on October 6th via Saddle Creek stateside and Paper Bag Records internationally. Of course the announcement comes with an absolutely stunning new single called “Conductors” and, all other words aside, it’s great to have this band back.

Pre-orders for The Rise & The Fall are live now.

POSTDATA Returns with New Single & Video

Back about 2 years ago, Nova Scotian musician Paul Murphy released his third stunning LP Twin Flames under his recording moniker POSTDATA. Much to my delight, Murphy just announced his fourth LP away from Wintersleep and has also brought with it this new single “Mine the Sea.” Not surprisingly, the track offers a breath of lightness with hints of joy and love within the driving pop sounds. GEM.

This song will appear on the new album Run Wild due out in September on Paper Bag Records.

New Single & Video From POSTDATA

Our Canadian friend Paul Murphy, under his side project known as POSTADA, recently released his third album entitled Twin Flames just a few short weeks ago. If for some reason you slept on the release, might I suggest you check out his latest single/video, “Inside Out”, and give the album another chance. This song is one of my highlights from the new LP as it features a somewhat Americana inspiration, but with some incredible pop sensibilities as well. A truly stunning tune.

Twin Flames from POSTDATA is on sale now via Paper Bag Records.

Jam Through Friday With Surfy Psych From Young Rival

yrSometimes bands blend genre in all the right ways, and today’s exemplifier of that nuanced skill is Young Rival, out of Hamilton, Canada. They’ve got this fresh new single called “Scruples,” which is below and is a brief jam of distorted and fuzz coated surf-esque guitars. This song is simply groovy; those guitars are twangy and tart and the perfect balance of tight knit and loose, while the vocals are a bit of a wild card, distortedly playing through different levels of croon and conversation. Though only two and a half minutes long, I’ve found myself playing this one over and over again. Get hooked and get ready for the newest full-length release from these gentlemen called Interior Light. You can preorder this sick looking pink and blue record, which is out on October 16th via Paper Bag Records, here.

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Dig the Vibe on This Young Rival Tune

youngrivalOne of my favorite acts from the Canadia is Rural Alberta Advantage, but it looks like the band has someone gunning for their spot in my heart, namely Young Rival. Interestingly, they have some vocal lineage, with a similar drawl in the presentation of voice, though there’s this little touch in the chorus where I also hear an homage to Kevin Barnes.  This track’s got energy, a little bit of a stomp to it, thus you’ll find yourself pressing play time and time again. It’s the title track from their new effort, Interior Light, which comes out on October 16th via Paper Bag Records.

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Enjoy This Grey Lands Track

greylandsI’ve really been digging this track from Canada’s Grey Lands the last few days.  It’s got a very traditional indie rock feel, falling somewhere in the world between Spoon and the Walkmen…though I can’t help but hear tons of Sonic Youth in the guitar chords on this track (none of these are bad things in our book).  The band is set to release their debut Right Arm in just over a month on Paper Bag Records, so we wanted to make sure this preview got the band on your radar as the release date (9/11) approaches.

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Did You Listen to This New Teen Daze Track

teenyWhen Teen Daze decided to step out of his bedroom, I’m sure there were some worries.  How does one stay true to their sound whilst progressing and adding larger production? Jamison seems to have found the right balance with this first new single.  You can hear the stylistic trademarks of a person writing in their bedroom, but the harmonies in the vocals, on top of the varying layers of guitar and percussion really elevate the tune to a pop hit.  It’s just our first taste from the new work, and it’s available now via Paper Bag Records. Not a bad step up…not at all.

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New Tune from PS I Love You

friendsI kind of sort of want to move to Ontario.  Well, not really because I can’t cut it in the cold. But, that being said, this track from Ontario’s PS I Love You is really fitting into my listening rotation.  There’s something oddly pleasing about the vocals…there’s this weird little hiccup in the pronunciation, and it catches just right.  Speaking of catch…those guitars have a nice little hook going on too.  Their new record For Those Who Stay is filled with such bits, with the bands typical penchant for darker melodies present throughout.  Be on the look out for it on July 22nd via Paper Bag Records.



New Music from Frog Eyes

blackoutbeachAdmittedly, Carey Mercer’s voice requires some adjustment; it’s so unique and powerful that it puts people on notice almost immediately…you either love it or you don’t. Me? I dig it.  I’m excited to see what the next Frog Eyes album, Carey’s Cold Spring, will sound like in full.  Interestingly, his voice is really high in the mix here, which means the focus for this track, and possibly for the album, will be on his lyrical wordplay.  That’s always been something special in his writing, which is why he’s been a favorite of mine for some time. The record will be released on June 17th via Paper Bag Records. Give this a try and see if it’s to your liking.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff9900&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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