Last Week’s Jams, Today (September 20 – 24)

Here we are kicking off another great week in life, am I right? We wanted to start your Monday with a glance over our shoulders at last week’s hits. I think we covered some pretty great stuff last week, some of which you might have only been able to find through us, some of it you just need to be sure you check out. Love the new Ovlov track, and can’t stop playing this Smallgoods album; you’d also do well to visit that Japan Review tune too! Tons of different vibes, which is always our vibe. Have a good week loves.

Parker Longbough Announces Off Front Street

It’s been a busy year for Parker Longbough, releasing an album and an EP, but we’re not even done yet, so we’re pleased to inform you that he’ll be releasing another record, Off Front Street. One of the great things about Longbough is his storytelling, and its what fills this record (and song), with his lyrical work resembling Doug Martsch to a certain degree, making the mundane leap from the speakers. This track has a circular nature to it, musically speaking, with this guitar ringing in and out of the mix, allowing Longbough to focus on his storytelling while the song buzzes behind him; it’s punctuated by this emphatic drum work, primarily on the cymbals, punching up the hooks as you go through. You can file this tune somewhere between the Pacific Northwest of the late 90s and Elephant 6. Off Front Street drops on October 22nd via Wilderhood Music.

Parker Longbough Shares Burbank Safari

Parker Longbough is a band, not a person. In the end, that doesn’t matter much, as what matters is the quality of the band’s songwriting behind leader Matthew Witthoeft. While the style might leans towards lo-fi tendencies, the band don’t shy away from building their sound with this blessing production. It might be one of the more rocking tracks I remember from the group, with the guitars harkening to a slight Hammond Jr’ inflection; the softness in Witthoeft’s voice here does remind me faintly of Jens Lekman, which is never a bad comparison. Green and Gold/Drink the Hemlock, the band’s latest LP, will be out on November 22nd.

Parker Longbough Announces New LP

I imagine the remote nature of crafting music in Anchorage, Alaska has got to be tough, but that hasn’t stopped Matthew Witthoeft from penning great tune after tune for Parker Longbough. They’ve just announced Green and Gold/Drink the Hemlock, their new LP, and with it comes a doozy of a single. The deep tones of Witthoeft’s voice here have this Calvin Johnson lineage, which many a listener has noticed…but I’ve been gravitating towards this really soft pop inflection he’s inserted into this track. The first time it caught me was with the line “I wanted a friend,” and then reinforced with the clever “any millennial memes they could put on the Internet.” It’s these tiny little pop nuggets that I live for; they always make my world better…which is why I wish the band weren’t so far away, so I could connect with them in person. Alas, I’ll just have to wait for the album’s release on November 20th via Wilderhood Music.

Quirky Number from Parker Longbough

You’ll find multiple reasons to enjoy this new track from Parker Longbough, and perhaps part of that relies upon the distant wilderness of Alaska that Parker calls home. Musically, he’s writing this witty bedroom folk tunes, similar to what we heard on early Coma Cinema records. But, for me, the fact that he doesn’t seem to be taking himself too seriously, draws me nearer; I mean, who else is going to write about Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan? Sometimes it just feels right to be charmed by your pop music. Like Jeffrey Lewis? Then you’ll really enjoy this; this tune features on Left on Tri, which drops on April 20th.

You Need Parker Longbough in Your Life

It’s been quite sometime since we’ve heard anything from Matthew Witthoeft and his project known as Parker Longbough. He has returned from the abyss today and is bringing this new jam of a single entitled “May Kasahara”. I’m immediately reminded of some old school indie rock like Modest Mouse or Cursive, especially with the aggressive vocals during the chorus. The lackadaisicalverses play off the heavy and emotional chorus perfectly. Down.

Hear this song and many more via the new LP Bridges To Nowhere / Delirium in Lo-Fiavailable on June 2nd via Wilderhood Records.

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