Show Preview: Big Bill + Criminal Hygiene @ Mohawk (7/6)

showposterWe know you’re all looking forward to the 4th of July and whatnot, but we want to give you plenty of time to plan your Sunday evening.  We’re sponsoring a great little rock n’ roll show with a bunch of our friends, both in and out of town; it takes place at the Mohawk at 9 PM.  Big Bill, one of our local favorites, is headlining the gig, and it’ll be one of your last chances to catch them before they embark on their big US tour.  Also, rocking the night will be our favorites, Criminal Hygiene, who are coming all the way from LA to grace us with their presence; they’ll even be tending bar before the show at 6, so be sure to come hang out with the band.  But, you better get there early to see Pharaohs, who’ve been banging out power-pop ditties for some time in our fair city, always winning us over.  It’s sure to be a great night, so join us, please.

[audio:] [audio:] [audio:]


Friday Top 5: Emerging Austin Artists 2014

2014 Austin BannerThose in Austin have surely taken note that the Austin music scene seems to have been on a high as of late, and 2014 is starting to look just as good for our local community.  We wanted to take a little time out of your day to harp on some new acts, or acts that we expect huge things from in the upcoming year.  They’re numbered in no particular order, just the five artists to look into. Feel free to disagree, and add on to this list so we know who else to keep an eye on. I completely expect a few of these artists to emerge beyond Austin and make some pretty heavy national waves as well.

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American Icon Christmas Bizarre @ Hotel Vegas (12.7)

americaniconsmall-640x800There’s a great local event going on this Saturday evening in Austin: American Icon Christmas Bizarre at Hotel Vegas.  What is it, and how does it fit into the ATH music coverage? Well, for starters it’s like a Farmer’s Market for what’s cool. There’s 13 vendors selling vintage clothes, jewelry, records and more; so you can get your Christmas shopping done before things turn crazy.  But, accompanying the weekend sale are killer bands that you know we love such as Pharaohs, Grape St., Loteria and more! You get to shop, you get to drink, you get to see great bands, which pretty much means that this is a dream come true.  Entrance is $7, and that money goes to help the bands live and breathe; it’s worth every penny.  See ya’ll there!


Download: Pharaohs – Prettiest Girl [MP3]

Show Preview: Nobunny @ Red 7 (11.4)


Date Monday, November 4th
Location Red 7
Doors 9 PM
Tickets $12 @ the Door

So you’re bummed you didn’t get to see the Nine Inch Nails taping, or you don’t feel like going all the way East to catch Cults? Well, the best option out of all of these is still going to be the Nobunny show at Red 7.  Nobunny’s just released Secret Songs, and he’ll be bringing his sweaty live show to our local haunt in hopes of encouraging a joyous riot.  He’ll also be joined by one of my absolute favorite local bands, Pharaohs, which pretty much guarantees that you’re night’s going to be super rad, regardless of what plans you had. Hope to see you there.


Download: Nobunny – I Am A Girlfriend [MP3]

Show Preview: Pharaohs @ Mohawk (8/19)

PharaohsI know Alex Bleeker of Real Estate is playing over at Hotel Vegas, but I think I’m going local Monday night by checking out the great acts featured at the Mohawk.  I can rave on and one about Eets Feats, which features members of Low Times, or I could talk about the connection between The Shine Brothers and Black Angels. I might even want to talk about exciting new Austin act, God’s Gun, but of course, I’m going back to love on Pharaohs. This isn’t because the other bands aren’t incredible (they are), but because one of my favorite local acts has also just released a new video for their track “Come And Get It;” ou can watch it HERE. The track is super local; it was filmed by Jon Chamberlain of Rubberneck Mag, and features Steven of Sweet Talk/Jonly Bonly fame.  Seems like you should get to the Mohawk tonight: doors are at 9.


Download: Pharaohs – Prettiest Girl [MP3]

Show Preview: Sweet Talk + Gospel Truth Album Release @ Beerland (6.5)

970946_558770560841861_646130771_nIt’s a ridiculous week for shows here in Austin; Rayray and I were commenting on the fact that we could go see a good show every night this week, should we choose to do so.  One show I think you should keep an eye on that might be flying under the radar is the Sweet Talk show tonight at Beerland.  They’re playing their last show before they head out on the road for a bit, but that’s not the only thing you’ll get.  Gospel Truth is also playing to celebrate the release of their new record, A Lonely Man Does Foolish Things.  I mean, you can’t ask for more, but you’ll get more because both Loteria and Pharaohs will be opening the night. Solid rock n’ roll and a solid bill.  Here’s some jams from Sweet Talk and Pharaohs to get you in the mood.

[audio:] [audio:]

Grape St. LP Release Party @ Hotel Vegas (4.24)

913731_645909895424336_625905147_oSo your plans are to hit up Youth Lagoon, but you can’t stop there. Once the rock n’ roll gets started, you’ve got to keep it going.  The best place to head on Wednesday night is over to Hotel Vegas for the Grape St. LP release; this is the band featuring Curtis from Harlem…seriously one of my favorite records of the last year.  Of course, you can buy it HERE if you’re not in Austin.  Just because we’re putting out the record, doesn’t mean you can miss a single of the opening acts; they’re some of our favorite, and the best, rock acts in town.  You’ve got Pharaohs kicking things off, with John Wesley Coleman and Rayon Beach warming up the crowd for all you folks. There will be balloons, A Date With You LPs, and just a ton of incredible bands.  It’s dirt cheap, so help support the local scene and come join us for this celebration.


Download: Grape St. – Double Golds [MP3]


Download: Pharaohs – Prettiest Girl [MP3]

Keeping It Austin: Meet Pharoahs

1887140403-1Over the last year or so I’ve caught several sets from local boys Pharaohs, and they continue to impress with their enthusiastic indifference.  Their goal you ask? Well, in my eyes the aim of the group is to throw down like nobody’s business while building their sets with rad hooks and jagged guitar lines.  I haven’t caught one set that didn’t make me want to let loose, all the while singing along.  You should care about the group, not only because they’re fast becoming an Austin staple, but because their debut record, Babes Booze Bam Bam Baby, is solid track after solid track.  If you like what you hear, then head HERE to grab the album from the band…and remember to contribute to your favorite artists!


Download: Pharaohs – Prettiest Girl [MP3]