Scuzzy Rocker from Pink Mexico

Friday’s are rough sometimes. My morning started with a locked copy room, and when it was opened, the machine I needed to use was broken. So I came back here to do some work, and I need something angry…there enters Pink Mexico. It’s just over 2 minutes of pummeling scuzzy garage rock with a simple bouncing bass line working through its underbelly. Currently, I’ve got it turned up super loud, just jamming out, letting those heavy riffs wash over me in hopes of Friday morning catharsis. It’s got a nice little ballad-y breakdown at the end too, just to kind of calm things down a bit. You’ll find this track on Dump, their new album dropping March 1st via Burger Records.

Brighten Your Monday With Pink Mexico

unnamed-29-1-690x690It’s obvious at this point that when a band signs to Burger Records out of NYC they are going to be of the highest quality. This is yet again proven by the recent signing of Pink Mexico and the debut of their new single “Forgetting Everything”. I can assure you that this song will make even the dullest of Mondays a little bit brighter and full of life. Anyone else hearing a bit of a Tiger Waves comparison here?

Burger Records will release the new Pink Mexico album entitled Fool on June 24th.