Jeff Rosenstock Share Another Tune from Hellmode

I’m really hoping that folks realize that even your favorite punks can jam out some solid acoustic ballads, especially if they listen to this new tune from Jeff Rosenstock. For the most part, listeners are pulled in by careful string strums and Jeff’s dynamic vocal delivery; he reminds me of Jeffrey Lewis a lot on this performance. As the track progresses, Jeff stretches his vocals a bit, perhaps letting diehard fans know he’s still trapped in the box you’ve put him inside. Don’t forget, the album Hellmode will be out on September 1st via Polyvinyl.

Jeff Rosenstock Announces HELLMODE

You can count on the Internet going wild when there’s a new Jeff Rosenstock track that pops up, particularly when it comes to a new album announcement. I wanted to be sure that I was on top of that, as I really love this new single, and have fingers crossed that HELLMODE will be equally as good. This tune drops in perfectly, with the first hint of Jeff’s ability to deliver a hook coming in as he drops a change in the vocals at the 52 second mark; his vocals throughout this song are really the little bits and pieces that sold me here. For all its steady calm, the track doesn’t hesitate to rip up a little bit when you get to the latter half around the 2:52 mark; it sheds the softer piece to add an emphatic growl to the tune’s whole. If you’re into screaming along with your favorite song, this is setting up perfect! Polyvinyl will drop the new LP on September 1st.

Alexalone Shares Eavesdropper

There’s so many reasons to fall completely in love with the brand new track from Alexalone, the work of Alex Petersen and their friends. For starters, you’ve got Hannah of Lomelda jamming out on bass here, as well as our friend Sam from the Hermits/Infinites rocking out on drums. But, I also love the fact that the track operates between this sort of heavy prog and this sort of creative post-rock; the whole thing is this incredible jam session where you get to see the band really letting loose and hanging on each other’s musician ship thanks to the directing of Brittany Reeber. Alexaloneworld is shaping up to be a beast of an album; it drops on August 13th via Polyvinyl.

Alexalone Announce Debut for Polyvinyl Records, Alexaloneworld

Alex Petereson has been a fixture in the Austin music scene for some time, whether playing in Lomedla or helming their own band. Now, that band, Alexalone, has made the big-time, signing on with Polyvinyl Records to release their new LP Alexaloneworld. The lead single for the announcement comes with an incredible video designed by Simon Cassar and Karolina Asadova; it’s got the old school video game vibe on lock. Musically, the song’s a slow burn, carefully textured with light percussion and soft vocals as the track builds layer upon layer, letting guitars twist and turn, all of it culminating in this sensational guitar breakdown in the song’s late moments. That final eruption serves as a reminder that we’re in for some special treats when Alexaloneworld drops on August 13th.

Also, we must cop to releasing a tape by one of the drummer’s project the Hermits. All hail Sam!

Jay Som Announces Anak Ko

When Everybody Works was released, it seemed that everyone unanimously fell in love with Jay Som, myself included. So, will Anak Ko live up to the expectations? Honestly, not sure, but I sure do love this new single; it’s sort of an amalgam of sounds that I’ve grown to love; there is that ringing guitar sound with roots all the way back to the Flying Nun scene, synth work is built into provide some texture, and later on there’s this buzzsaw guitar knifing its way through the tracks latter half…and it’s all spun with exuberance that immediately makes you press play and listen again. Sometimes bands can fill too many ideas and muddy the mix, but here, the execution’s perfect…all the more reason to look forward to Anak Ko, out on 8/23 via Polyvinyl.

New Diane Coffee Video & Single

Diane Coffee has new album entitled Internet Arms coming on April 19th via Polyvinyl Records and I’m excited for you all to hear his brand of quirky pop music. Prior to the release of his new album, Coffee is premiering this new video for his single “Like a Child Does”. The track itself is some catchy as hell, almost danceable pop music complete with ironic lyrics and spot on vocal delivery. You’ll also find a bit of joy in the video as Coffee plays on his own lyrics, imposing himself in several classic board games. Carry on good sir.

The Understated Genius of Fred Thomas

I’ve been listening to Fred Thomas for almost two decades in some fashion or another, and while I always appreciated his work in Saturday Looks Good to Me (and His Name is Alive), his growth under his own name has been pretty spectacular. His 2017 album, Changer, might just be one of my favorite pop records of the last 10 years. Today we get the first listen to new stuff from the forthcoming Aftering. I love how the piano works just behind the trickling piano, laying the groundwork for a crashing guitar that delivers an emphatic pop punch to the face. His voice helps land the track in the vein of Nada Surf, especially with the way he polishes off syllables with melody. The new LP is out on September 14th via Polyvinyl, surely looking down at the rest of those pop imitators.

Enjoy This New Dusted Tune

While Brian Borcherdt is probably best known as part of Holy Fuck, I’m really excited for the release of his new side project, Dusted. This song had me from the get-go, utilizing a steady percussive stomp, almost a march to keep the pace. Guitars ring out in the thick of the mix with little flourishes of keys and what nots rounding out the tune. Seemingly simple, its brevity keeps you from finding yourself bored…and interestingly, the tune closes with the same lyrical line “there’s no ledge to coax you from.” Blackout Summer is the new LP, dropping April 6th via Polyvinyl.

Jay Som Preps New 7″

If you were reading many a year-end list, then surely you noticed Jay Som‘s album Everybody Works landing on most. Melina Duerte had originally demoed a few extra songs for the record that didn’t quite fit the flow, so she saved them for you to enjoy on a new 7″. To me, this tune sounds like a dreamier version of something Tegan and Sara would have written, with just hints of jangling guitar and a soft smoky vocal to ride it out. It should be clear after jamming this tune that Jay Som hype actually has substance; look for the new 7″ to drop via Polyvinyl on January 26th.

Dreamy New Hit From Alvvays

Alvvays have shared a new tune from their upcoming album and it’s dream-pop at its finest. “Dreams Tonite” is a soaring hit, with shimmering synths that pave the way and Molly Rankin’s impossibly clean vocals leading the charge. Not to mention there’s that choral hook that is sure to firmly lodge itself in your brain for days on end. I didn’t think I could be more excited for the release of their sophomore effort,Antisocialites, after they dropped the first single, “In Undertow,” but this has done the job. Take a listen below and then go pre-order their new album right here. It’s out September 8 via Polyvinyl.


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