Braid + Polyvinyl Announce 25th Anniversary Reissue of Frame and Canvas

Honestly, I’m generally not one to post about reissues, unless they’re from unearthed records that never really had a chance. But, when it comes to Braid, I absolutely have no reason not to post this Frame and Canvas news, particularly because this record was such a huge part of my life in the late 90s; I even have friendships built solely on our mutual love of this record. I was fortunate enough to catch the band in various stages, and even maybe being on the road with their spinoff Hey Mercedes. Plus, it gives me an excuse to play this ripper again. The new edition, remastered version of the LP comes out on April 7th via Polyvinyl, with a later Summer tour included (with an ATX date)!

Friday Album Streams: Alvvays, The Mall, Peel Dream Magazine and More

Well, Friday is here, and that’s a great reason to check in on some cool releases. Plus, get the bonus of knowing its Bandcamp Friday, so you get a chance to support your favorite artists and labels by streaming and jamming and buying! The Alvvays record has been buzzing everywhere, including our site, so we had to include that one. I’m personally stoked to hear how all the new Peel Dream Magazine songs fit together, as it seems like a different sound coming our way…we’re in for an exciting plot twist. There’s a couple other small releases here that we figured might fly under the radar, so wanted to be sure to include a bit of the other goods too! If we’re missing something cool, holler at us so we can be sure to give it a listen.


AlvvaysBlue Rev (Polyvinyl)

The MallTime Vehicle Earth

Peel Dream MagazinePad (Slumberland Records)

Cool SoundsLike That (Chapter Music)

CielNot in the Sun, Nor the Dark (Jazz Life)

Alvvays Share After the Earthquake

Alvvays is dropping Blue Rev this Friday, so they wanted to rush one more single by you before you decided that, yes, you need to purchase the new record. This song’s one that certainly hits me with its musicality, and while Molly’s voice is solid, it’s not the main draw on this one…for me anyways. Rushing in with those twisting jangles, it reminds me a lot of our friends in Tres Oui, the opens up for Molly to shine through the middle. Personally, I like the meaty solo that bulks up momentarily, flexing the band’s musicianship, putting us on notice that the band are far more than your average pop rock band. But, suddenly, the song draws to a close, only to drift before bursting off emphatically with skittering that rip you to shreds. Blue Rev is out Friday via Polyvinyl.

Two New Alvvays Jams For You

Honestly, I didn’t expect to totally fall for the new Alvvays record immediately. I knew it would be good, that was just a given. But, today with two new singles, it’s like they’re leaving us these tasty little breadcrumbs to follow on our path to enjoyment. On one side here, you get a fuzzier bit of grungy pop, sounding like many of the band’s choruses, only stretched. Then you flip it and you have this almost new-wave meets psychedelia spun through a pop lens, a la Broadcast or the like. Each of these tunes, while sounding every bit like Alvvays, seems a touch different than what the band have given in other singles, so its like a smorgasbord of pop gems waiting to be devoured. Blue Rev is out October 7th via Polyvinyl.

Alvvays Release Easy On Your Own

Listening to this new Alvvays tune really illustrates why the group have continued to rise in prominence through their career. With each album, they’ve taken some touchstones from their first effort, though they’ve spun them towards being crossover pop hits at the same time. This latest single is no different, filled to the brim with noise and distortion, then balanced on a razor’s edge with a smashing blast of pop; the sheer volume work here is definitely an added tool, illustrating the band’s thoughtfulness in recording as they toy with the expectations of breaking out of the indiepop mold. Blue Rev will be out in October via Polyvinyl.

Alvvays Announce New LP

Looks like we’re going to have a popaholics kind of day over on ATH! Alvvays announce a brand new record today, and we’ve got that brand new single for you to stream! It’s hard to believe its been five years since their last LP, though Molly Rankin’s voice still remains central to what they’re offering listeners. I like that her sugary voice is juxtaposed to the psychedelic swirl operating just behind it, kind of messing with the listener as you’re not sure what’s attracting you to the sound. It’s a brief tune, but they toy with the formula a great bit, so hats off to the group for pushing their sound beyond expectations and the trappings of pop. Blue Rev is sounding awfully special; it drops in October via Polyvinyl. Be sure to sample these new songs on the band’s NA tour this Fall!

More Music From Good Morning

Melbourne based lads Good Morning have really been getting out attention over the last several years with a steady stream of solid releases and singles. Just last month, Nate the Tank shared with you the bands latest single, “burning”, and it’s caused quite a stir around the ATH offices about the upcoming new LP. With the release date for Barnyard now drawing near, I suggest you check out this new track, “depends on what i know”, if you have yet to tune your ears towards their sound. You should enjoy the simplicity of Good Morning’s brand of indie rock while appreciating the slickness of the bass lines and groovy, laid back nature of the song. Now you know.

New LP Barnyard will be available on October 22nd via our friends over at Polyvinyl. Pre-orders are live now.

Alexaone Share Electric Sickness

I’m sitting over here, fully expecting this Alexalone record to be absolutely huge, ready to cheer on a few folks I know involved in the project. For me, this feels like the track that could really hook people, as it has the immediacy that you mightn’t have found in the first few singles. Alex and Hannah combine their voices in an almost meditative state, matched by the steadiness of Sam’s drums and the guitar chords, strangely feeling like an incredibly unexpected homage to Sonic Youth. Of course, that wouldn’t be complete without the explosiveness, which you do get as a sort of semi-chorus of feuding noise. Please make Alexaloneworld huge; it’s out August 13th via Polyvinyl.

One More From Shy Boys

Here’s the deal… If you are still sleeping on Kansas City based Shy Boys, you are a crazy person who really needs to take a moment to check out the band’s back catalogue. Once you’ve taken a couple of hours to check out the group’s first two records, come back here and enjoy a slice of this new single called “Talk Loud”. Consider me ever amazed that this band can offer such a commanding performance of vocal harmonies and bright sounds while also being reserved and unassuming. Do yourself a favor and check this one out now!

Shy Boys will be releasing new album Talk Loud on September 25th via Polyvinyl Records.

Shy Boys Return with View from the Sky

It’s been a short couple of years since Shy Boys dropped Bell House and reminded everyone just how great a band they are; honestly, I think even as fans of their self-titled LP, even we here at ATH forgot. They’ve got a new record on the way titled Talk Loud, and while this new single has some of that upbeat swing mentality; it also kind of seems like its got something else that will pique your interest altogether. I kind of feel like it’s this amalgam of the band’s penchant for hooks, presented with this sort of 80s cinema soundtrack vibe; I don’t know, maybe part of that is the harmonies and backing vocals. The band claim that the track is them “letting loose and dancing a bit,” so you can’t begrudge them that…better yet, you may as well join them! Talk Loud drops September 25th via Polyvinyl.

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