New Music From Pomegranates

Here’s a new slow burning jam entitled “Softness” from an ATH favorite band Pomegranates.  The song is a bit of a turn from some of the upbeat pop music we’re used to from the group and features a more intimate style.  Not to say the band was ever an over the top pop group, but this song seems to replace the familiar driving bass and drums with hushed vocals and clean guitars.  It’s a style change for sure.  This song appears on a new Double EP release from Pomegranates called In Your Face Thieves/Chestnut Attic which is available for purchase in digital or physical format now via Lujo Records.


Download: Pomegranates – Softness [MP3]

Show Preview: Pomegranates @ Mohawk (11/20)

Date 11/20/10
Location Mohawk
Doors 900p
Tickets ?? @ Door

Those Ohio kids most of us seem to have fallen in love with Pomegranates are making a stop in Austin at the Mohawk on Saturday.  Joining the guys on stage you’ll get two great Austin bands with Oh No Oh My and A Tiger Named Lovesick.  Not sure exactly how much the show will cost, but tickets will be sold at the door and we’d assume they’re under $10.  This is a great chance to see an up and coming band in an intimate setting for super cheap.


Download: Pomegranates – 50s [MP3]

New Music from Pomegranates

Ohio band Pomegranates are just now releasing their new album, One of Us, on Afternoon Records.  I’ve really been enjoying this record a lot, as its got this sort of mellow post-punk vibe to it, but sort of using modern pop fixtures like speedy choruses and atmospherics to add an extra bit of depth to each of the songs. You’ll find that the single has a nice little ring to it, and everything you hear in “50s,” you’re likely to hear on the album as well, with a little extra twist of fun waiting to unfold before you.  Trust me, this is an album waiting to be enjoyed over and over.


Download: Pomegranates – 50s [MP3]