Fresh Drop Fresh New Single, Why Do I

This new Fresh LP is definitely on my list of anticipated listens coming into the Summer release schedule. The London outfit deliver consistent pop rock hooks that would fit on any cross-country playlist, ready to be screamed at the top of your lungs. The newest single has that same hook-laden delivery, but this one feels less frantic, in a good way. It’s bouncing on the rhythm section, but Kathryn Woods seems willing to calm things down, knowing you might need a bit of respite from the sing-a-long anthems that fill their catalog. This is Summer pop at its best, dropping Raise Hell on July 1st via Specialist Subject.

Martha Drops Fresh New Single

I raved and raved about Love Keeps Kicking, not to mention kept screaming at the top of my lungs to the whole record, so I’m glad to hear Martha come back with a new 7″. Today they’ve got the A-side out for all of us to stream, so I reckon we should put it up for ya, eh? Following the opening piano tease, the track starts off with this sort of jittering angular riff, setting the tune up for the unique vocal style to jump into the foray. Those guitars get a little heavier and a little more straight-forward, driving the pop punk punch right to your face. But, their hook, combining the vocal harmonies sneak in mid-track, and dammit if the band haven’t left us with another sweet jam. Start Friday here. The new 7″ is out June 24th via Specialist Subject, with a B-Side Allo Darlin’ cover!

Lavasocks Records Announce Adult Books LP

Lately I’ve just been super overwhelmed by tons of things, so I’ve definitely traveled down the pop punk days of my youth, with no shame, mind you. Today, in a day where everything feels shattered for a teacher, Texan, father, this song’s just hitting the right notes. It feels like the sort of tune I’ll get stuck in my head, and just take a drive to scream it at the top of my lungs. Adult School have the hooks and the energy, and sometimes, that’s all you’re looking for in a good pop punk jam. They’ll drop their No Party LP this July via Lavasock Records.

Fresh Return with Going to Bed

We’re really high on the forthcoming Fresh LP, which will be out later this Summer, so the band are dropping in another track to hold us over. While the tune opens with Kathryn Woods voice atop a mild synthetic element, the tune quickly jumps into angular rock n’ roll that makes the group so enjoyable. The drum work alone has the song galloping, with Woods trying to keep trace as the guitars skitter and jangle about; they even add in some horns, which is a super fun twist on this brand of pop rock. Plus, you get some sort of call-and-response bursts…this tune really does have it all, if you ask me! Raise Hell will be out July 1st via Specialist Subject Records.

Church Girls Release Telepathic Mind

Going back to my pop punk roots a little this week, so its great that this new Church Girls single dropped into my lap this morning. Honestly, it feels a lot like something that would have fit into the festival circuit in the early 2000s. It’s got these heavy riffs, mixed with speedier lead guitar, bordering on the harder brand of punk; the drums roll, emphatically crashing in these mathematical breakdowns. The vocals are all melody, punctuated by some screaming backing notes from the rest of the band. Sometimes you just want big hooks and a little rock n’ roll, and seems like this band has that in loads.

Fresh Announce Raise Hell LP

If you haven’t been listening to UK punks Fresh, then what have you been doing? I was stoked today to wake up and see that the band had just announced their brand new Raise Hell LP with a rocking new single. Kathryn Woods dominates the track, giving this powerful performance linked to the feeling of having a “mind that’s both under-stimulated and over-stimulated at the same time.” I love the way the bouncing keyboard sets up the huge drop in of heavy riffs to match up with the melodic delivery of Woods in the chorus. I can tell this one’s going to rip. Raise Hell will be out in July via Specialist Subject/Get Better Records.

Breakup Haircut Share Out of My Way

When the strumming of Breakup Haircut‘s latest single kicks off, the tune seems innocent enough, like another run-of-the-mill pop tune. But, suddenly, drums began to pound, banging hard like a furious animal ready to break free; it serves the song well, forcing the band into a riotous performance that’s fueled by the memorable refrain of “out of my way I’m not getting on the night bus.” It all ends up a furious affair, with lyricism that’ll make you laugh, singing along all the way to pick it up at your local record store. They pulled the video together in a rather ramshackle fashion, with nods to horror film lighting and various other music video, highlighting the bands preference for fun and quick turnarounds. If you’re in need of a proper pop punk hit, well, look for Punk Dancing for Self Defence this July via Reckless Yes!

Sniff Share Horizontal Friend Single

It’s that time of year when sweet tunes start to dry up but I think we’re still able to find a few hits to bring you before winding the site down and calling it a year. One of those tunes is the newest single from the UKs Sniff, the follow-up to their stellar Sniff EP. It’s the sort of tune that walks the finest lines between power-pop and traditional pop-punk, with the song’s latter half really exploring the meaning of pop on its own terms. There’s this earnestness to the tunes that’s absolutely undeniable so I hope you’ll spend some time enjoying this sweet jam today!

Fresh Share My Redemption Arc

All sorts of great news as of late, and now lets add a new EP from Fresh to our reason to celebrate! The song’s got these huge stomping pop rock hooks, bouncing emphatically with the rhythm section, almost seemingly build for riotous performances in the live setting (just wait for that anthemic breakdown!). Kathryn Woods lets her voice soar above it all, penning lyrics about alienation and dealing with your problems, no matter where you find yourself out in the world. If you’re in the mood for joyous rock n’ roll with relatable subject matter, then give a listen below…and keep an eye on the outfit; they release The Summer I Got Good at Guitar on April 30th via Special Subject Records.

NRCSSST Announce Self Titled LP

If I had to pick my favorite member of the Coathangers, it would surely be Stephanie Luke, so when she began her new project NRCSSST, you can bet I was ready to hop on board. The debut single from the group’s self-titled LP employs bits you’d come to expect from Luke, but with the presence of Dan Dixon on backing vocals, the song gets a slightly different build. Stephanie still has this slight gruff growl, though it’s polished to provide the central hook; the song’s first half really reminds me of classic pop punk from the early 00s before ya’ll got all cool. The latter half features Dixon primarily, and might be dipping the smallest toe in that new wave/post punk pond. Regardless, its got hooks and grit, and I’ll gladly take both on board. Look for the LP on February 12th via Slimstyle.

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