More From Bird of Youth

unnamed (4)Nate dog shared with you guys a new song from Brooklyn based Bird of Youth and I’ve got another irresistible track from the band for you today. This new song entitled “Bitter Filth” is yet another tune from the band that is sure to up your energy levels and make even the lamest person want to rock. Seriously, I don’t see how anyone could deny the infectious sound of this track. Go ahead, deny it. I dare you.

New album, Get Off, will drop on May 20th via Kiam Records.

ATH Records + Fleeting Youth = Basketball Shorts

bballshortsWe’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy this year with our various releases on ATH Records, so we aim to keep that up, at least for the time being. We’ve teamed up with our good friends over at Fleeting Youth Records to release a super special limited edition LP from Austin’s Basketball Shorts; Hot and Ready will come on clear vinyl with smoky blue swirls…a run of 350 split across the three participating parties. The band have long been a favorite of the Austin scene, blasting pop punk jams in your face whenever they take the stage. This is their debut LP, and we couldn’t be more excited for you to hear it. Pre-Order is up; it’ll ship on or before July 12th.

ATX Spotlight: Breaklights Bring Pop Punk

breaklightsRemember when punk rock of the 90s had great production, huge hooks and just enough danger to keep you rocking out with your friends? Well, then you should grab onto Austin’s Breaklights, clearly operating without classic pop-punk sound. They work in some great little stuttering moments, and a brief respite via breakdown near the end before jumping you towards the track’s end. They’ve just wrapped up recording their debut album with Stephen Egerton of Descendents/ALL fame, so it’s already got the street-cred any band could want. Look out Austin, this band’s coming for ya, and you’re going to have fun.

Jam This Martha Tune! Jam It Loud!

marthaDo you wanna feel young? You wanna feel like you’re alive again? Then run to your stereo, get this Martha song on it, and turn it up really loud. It’s a blasting bit of pop-punk that’s as infectious as it is memorable. The riffs are huge, the drums catch and there’s gang harmonies blasting in and out of the song. I get the feeling that these guys are all substance and none of the bullshit posturing. Sounds like they’re all just having fun, and if you listen closely, then you just might do the same. Look for their album, Blisters in the Pit of My Heart to come out on July 8th via Dirtnap/Fortuna Pop.

More From Boyfriends

boyfriendsWe’ve already posted a couple of new songs from Seattle based group Boyfriends over the last two months and it’s clear that we are all fans of the band. With that said, it seems obvious for me to share this new single from the band today entitled “Pleasures”. Once again we are treated to a brief, yet energetic and catchy tune full of brightness and fun. Seriously, you really can’t deny this.

Don’t forget to pick up their new 7″ featuring this song and two others later this month on Gold Van Records.

Check Out Sunshine Gun Club

11990382_542581705911131_681168539957449137_nI think most of our readers interested in a little throwback action today will be down for this new song by Sunshine Gun Club. I’m hearing elements of bands like Wavves in this new song “Heaven”, mixed in with some fun and pop like sounds similar toThe Get Up Kids. Heavier, distorted guitars, but with a fun and catchy vibe if ya catch my drift? It’s an easy song to like and one I’m sure all of us can get on board with.

Debut albumHeavenwill come out on May 6th via Wiener Records.

Have Fun With Team Spirit

team-spirit-killing-time-flatWhen your Monday just got you down, why not introduce a little pop punk music into your life to brighten what could be a dreary Tuesday?  Brooklyn based band Team Spirit can provide the perfect music for this mood with their new track “Surrender”.  It’s a an easy to like track with it’s rockin’ power chords and fun vocals to boot.  I’m already enjoying the day twice as much as I was before.

Pick up new album, Killing Time, via Vice on September 30th.

The Muffs Return!

75-atlgAfter a close to 10 year hiatus, SoCal veteran rockers The Muffs are returning this year with a much anticipated full length LP of new material.  To be perfectly honest, I’m likely guilty of only knowing a few songs from the band back in the 90s, but I’ll be looking to change that after today.  If you’re like me and this is some of your first exposure to the band, check out new single “Weird Boy Next Door” and you’ll see why many a fanboy are making a big deal about the new material.  I love the fast paced, in your face pop punk style here that remains fresh while still keeping some of the 90s throwback sounds.

New album, Whoop Dee Doo, is out July 29th on Burger Records.

Have Some Fun With Japanther


Japanther is a band who’ve given us some great tracks in the past that usually show up here on ATH.  Today I have another one of those stellar tracks called “Take Me In”.  It’s a definite pop-punk number for all of you who sometimes over think your musical tendencies.  This one is short, sweet, and gets to the point quick with a track time of under 2 minutes.  I can dig that.

Pick up new album, Instant Money Magic, due out April 15th.

New British Punk from The Wind-Up Birds

The Wind-Up Birds are a UK pop-punk band, but it’s clear that the definition of pop punk varies from continent to continent. Vocal delivery is definitely a touch different, which you’ll easily notice–to me it recalls Art Brut in the way it’s very matter of fact, almost spoken word.  The group’s just released their new album, The Land, and it’s full of sharp and jagged guitar licks just like the one here.  If you’re a fan of bouncing punk rock, then this is going to be right up your alley!


Download:The Wind-Up Birds – Cross Country [MP3]

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