Ram Vela and the Easy Targets Drop New Single

Our friend Ram Vela has been banging out tracks in Austin for longer than we’ve been a site; he fronted Whitman and even joined Midgetmen’s entourage for a minute. But, as of late he’s been brandishing his love of pop rock with Ram Vela and the Easy Targets. The band have a new LP dropping late this year, and we’ve got that first rocking single to bring you this morning. The band waste no time in dropping in this heavy riffage, dropping in huge distorted riffs as Ram emphatically punctuates the tune with the chorus, making sure to leave you with the hooks you desire! If you’re punching the air and screaming along, you’re doing it right. We’ll keep you posted as the record draws near!


Fresh Drop Fresh New Single, Why Do I

This new Fresh LP is definitely on my list of anticipated listens coming into the Summer release schedule. The London outfit deliver consistent pop rock hooks that would fit on any cross-country playlist, ready to be screamed at the top of your lungs. The newest single has that same hook-laden delivery, but this one feels less frantic, in a good way. It’s bouncing on the rhythm section, but Kathryn Woods seems willing to calm things down, knowing you might need a bit of respite from the sing-a-long anthems that fill their catalog. This is Summer pop at its best, dropping Raise Hell on July 1st via Specialist Subject.

Booter Releases Crushin Single

While Alannah Walker should be familiar for their her role in the Cannon Bros, Booter is her new project, and this is the band’s first official single! To me, it reminds me of the recent success of acts like Weakened Friends or the like, bringing rambunctious pop rock to the masses with a distinctive voice. Here, the voice doesn’t just relate to the sonic qualities, but also Walker’s own narrative voice as she’s found comfort in other queer artists sharing their personal stories through their lyrics. In the end, it’s catchy as hell, and one can only hope we hear more from Booter sooner rather than later.

Kindsight Share Hi Life Single

Danish quartet Kindsight will be dropping their new full-length, Swedish Punk at the end of March, and they’re teasing us with another delightful single today. Nina Rasmussen dominates the verses, sneaking in with these vocals that feel like a sunnier Juliana Hatfield. But, for all Rasmussen’s endearing notes, the band still kick up some bite when you get to the chorus, shattering the pop faade with an emphatic burst of noisy fury; the drums pound and the guitars are nothing but sheer noise, with Nina cutting through it all. It’s a great mix, keeping Swedish Punk in my mind as the band’s breakthrough performance; it hits on March 25th via Rama Lama Records.

Sooner Announce Debut LP, Days and Nights

It shouldn’t take you too long to get sucked into the sounds of Sooner; I know I got hooked the minute those guitar lines jumped right on in to my life, as my toes were tapping and my head was a-bobbing. While the sound borders on the poppier side of post-punk, the band ramp up the sound into a more distorted pop rock sound for the chorus, with the vocals pushing themselves higher in tone, driving the hook right into your ears. It’s the perfect blend of some of my favorite vibes, so I’m definitely looking at Days and Nights to be a sure-fire hit; it drops via Good Eye Records on March 25th.

The Squiggles Sign to Alcopop Records, Drop New Tune

Niall McCamley was once a part time comedian, as well as the drummer for revered (and missed) pop act the Spook School; he is also just a super nice human being. But, as of late he’s been working on his own project, Squiggles; they just announced their signing to Alcopop Records for a brand new EP, so of course we’re all over it. The song’s video seems to hit on some self-reflection, offering up relatable admissions in between the track’s emphatic bursts of pure pop bliss. You also get some familiar friends in AC (Spook School) and Sophie (Life Model) adding in some stellar backing vocals, building on the hook power that Niall’s laying down. Like his former act, Squiggles seems to be walking that fine line between personal, motivational and all out joy. So come on, be a Squiggle.

Kindsight Share Don’t You Grow Up Single

I’ve been writing about the stuff on Rama Lama Records for some time, and their newest singing Kindsight definitely has my attention today as they drop a brand new single. The track has these pop rock grooves, recalling the best days of early alternative rock from the early 90s…though updated with hints of jangle and bits of distortion. Still, the star has to be Nina Rasmussen, belting out these powerful notes throughout the song’s entirety. At times, she feels calm and rested, only to unleash these curling charms in the chorus that rise up and down in the most intoxicating fashion. Rumor has it that a debut is coming out next year!

Farewell Horizontal Share I’ll Miss This Headache

I’ve been jamming a lot of Farewell Horizontal as of late, and I feel like you should too. I don’t want to minimalize their talent, but I feel like the duo have a sound that seems fairly simple; there’s no frills or necessary ambiance to disguise missteps. Their songs are just pure, unfettered pop rock. They’ve got these huge riffs that have just the right amount of distortion to make you feel like you’ve got morning fuzz on your teeth, but not outlandish enough to lose sight of the song’s melodic inclinations. There’s this faint little shift in the intonation on Pat’s vocals in the opening lines that just gets me every time I press play. Don’t be afraid to indulge on the good old rock n’ roll. Be sure to give their new album You’re Not an Empath a solid listen or two!

Lola Tried Drop Renvers EP

Today let’s celebrate another great release from one of our favorite Austin bands, Lola Tried. The band haven’t released anything new since their eponymous debut in 2018, but they’re coming back with a vengeance, packing some pop rock that’s bold and boisterous. I love how the guitar work on this single seems to be holding back, just teasing us on the cusp of rock, all before letting lose to drop in these crunchy old school emo-style riffs. Lauren’s vocal control is phenomenal, bold and angry where it needs, holding onto melody when called for; the band’s backing vocals also add a nice little textural harmony in there that certainly doesn’t hurt. Stoked for the band, so celebrate with us by streaming the whole Renvers EP today. If you’re in the ATX area, the band celebrate the EP with a show tonight at Native Hostel.

Caleb de Casper Shares Too Many Boys Video

Let’s face it, Austin’s just not that weird anymore, but one act still trying to map out their own world is Caleb de Casper. He’s crafting his own brand of pop music, seemingly made up of parts of disco, new wave, hard rock and probably a little bit of everything in between. I love how this opens up with this galloping club stomp, before this swinging guitar allows Caleb to make a seductive entrance into the track, both sonically and visually. But, as the song breaks down, it blasts into this heavy rocker, packing a huge punch for the listener as he explains ‘what it is to be a gay man in 2021.’ His album Femme Boy is slated for release later this year!

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