Adults Join Art Is Hard Singles Series

You knew I’d be posting about this, even if you saw the track pop over the weekend, as I’m an avid supporter of Art Is Hard Records…particularly their Singles Series. Perhaps my adoration comes because they always introduce me to new acts from overseas that probably don’t get much press on my side of the pond. Adults have this youthful vibrancy, but also this distorted punch…similar in my mind to the sweeter moments of Joanna Gruesome or perhaps early Los Campesinos. Regardless, you throw a hook in with some male/female vocal trading and I’m hooked. Check this new jam for sure.

Slonk Added to Art Is Hard Postcard Series

Every month I anxiously await the release of a new single from Art Is Hard for their Postcard Series. Today, the released September’s single from Slonk. This number has more of a folk vibe to it, especially when it comes to the swelling chorus. I’m really digging the vocals too, as they remind me a lot of Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, taking on a slight rasp that sounds like its coming deep from within the soul. The Postcard Series is great, so if you’re into that, grab it HERE.

New Tune from Home School

homeschoolFeel like it has been awhile since I harped on the great work being done by the folks over at Art is Hard Records, continuing with their always interesting approach to releasing music.  As part of their Postcard Series, the label has just gotten out a new tune from Home School.  Here, you’ll hear music sitting in the background, with the vocals taking the main focus here.  I like the relaxed feel of the approach, not to mention I’m a huge sucker for twanging/jangling guitar parts these days….every day now that I think about it.  Think you’re going to dig this tune for real.