ATH Premiere: Dark Industrial Pop from SPC ECO

SPCECO-Dark-Matter1500xFirst, the name SPC ECO is pronounced as “space echo,” so I’m glad that’s out of the way. Now, let’s spend some time listening to this great piece of industrialized pop music. Sure, I could just call it some minimal version of electro-pop, but it feels like more than that to me. From the album artwork to the sterility lurking just beneath the emotive croon of Rose Berlin, there’s a concept at work here; you’ll hear actual electronic noise construction, not just repetitive bleeps and bloops. Oh, and it cannot hurt that Dean Garcia, formerly of Curve, is the constructionist behind it all. Their new album, Dark Matter, is being distributed by Saint Marie Records, who’ve had themselves quite a run lately. Happy Friday.

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ATH Premiere: Stutter Steps Are Your New Favorites

stutterstepsOkay, so maybe Stutter Steps aren’t your new favorites, not yet anyways. But, those of you who’ve carefully wrapped yourself in a world of indiepop and Australian/NewZealand guitar craftsmanship will surely find yourselves a new band to adore. This first single is as fine example of the art of songwriting as I’ve come to hear, which should come as no surprise; Ben Harrison, the man behind the band, can call himself a contributor/collaborator to the works of Dean and Britta (if you need to look that up then it won’t mean much). Still, I can hear the band’s references to Flying Nun, though I prefer to imagine Harrison crafting his own American version of the Go-Betweens. There’s incredible melodies and such a gentle warmth; you’re bound to find this the most endearing tune today. Their self-titled album will be out soon via Wild Kindness Records.

ATH Premiere: Grape St. Ready New Album

IMG_1455You know we love our boys in Grape St, and we’re excited to share a brand new tune from their fresh new album, Wallpaper.  This latest single displays Curtis’ further progression in songwriting, moving further away from his old group Harlem and into territory dominated by an incredible knack for pop sensibility. It seems like every song on this new record is built for a huge sing-a-long with your friends…but with a little style and flare.  You’ll be able to grab the new record from Burger Records this October; it might just be his best work to date…and be sure to catch the band’s first LP A Date with You, HERE.


ATH Premiere: Knowlton Bourne Signs w/ Misra

Knowlton Promo 1Knowlton Bourne is a 23 year old native of Mississippi, which is important, as there’s definitely been some recent indie rock lineage occurring out there…like Dent May for instance.  But, with Bourne, you’re going to get more of a fuzzed-out riff blended carefully with a taste of Southern comforts. Guitar chords sound like something Ty Segall would have constructed, but the structure is slower, much like the pace of the South, which is why the tune succeeds on its own terms. This number will feature on Knowlton’s Songs from Motel 43, which is going to be released on October 2nd via Misra…enjoy your first sample of the LP.

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Premiere: Static Daydream Blast New Single

staticWhy use the term blast, you ask? Please, press play. Immediately, you’ll be hit by a wall of squalling guitars from Static Daydream, echoing loudly in the caverns of your mind.  But, while your ears adjust, listen closely.  Vocals are soft, barely audible.  Then, the pop sensibility that’s been bubbling just beneath the tune’s surface pervades, and the wall of guitar noise is completely removed, making way for an electronic outro that serves as the perfect calming closure to this storm of a song. Saint Marie Records will be releasing the group’s self-titled debut in August; it’s perfect for those of you that love your shoegaze music loud and accessible.


ATH Premiere: Paul Doffing Releases New Album

Paul DoffingThere’s been a lot of hubbub, especially in the Austin community about financial viability for musicians.  It’s a difficult task for most, if not all, so you’ve got to look to something new and personal that makes it successful…this is where we meet Paul Doffing. His mode of transportation across the States has and continues to be his bicycle; he’s doing it again this summer after cancelling his lease and letting go of many of his possessions.  That unique approach deserves accolades, but so does the quieted folk music he’s offering folks on his latest album Songs From the (quaking) Heart.  It just came out, and I can’t think of a better way for you to rest your soul in the middle of the week than by listening to this single.

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Video Premiere: Auditorium

auditSailing vocals and careful craftsmanship are the biggest thing on display in this new single/video from LA’s Auditorium.  Sure, the adorable child at the heart of the video isn’t one to be ignored, but I love the way the songwriting sparkles through every moment in this song. The song owes a debt to the voice behind it all, Spencer Berger, whose classically trained chops definitely shine the brightest; it’s one of those special voices like Antony, where you can’t pull yourself away…a perfect example of the voice being operated at the highest level.  Give some time to this video today.



Track Premiere: New Single from Frog

froggyHave you spent any of your time listening to Frog? No? Then prepare yourself for something quite special, something you’ll rush to share with your friends, hoping to be the coolest kid on the block.  This new single from their upcoming album, Kind of Blah, is a number that builds layer upon layer, working first with vocals, then adding and adding until listeners are carried away by the power of song.  This is one of those tunes that erases the world around you, leaving you to find yourself at one with the song before you.  Look for the band’s album to hit on May 25th via Audio Antihero.

Premiere: Shy Mirrors Ready New LP

7076592515_9e13e8dfcd_oThe moment the discordant guitars blasted through my headphones on the new Shy Mirrors single, I was absolutely hooked.  It’s a sound that resonates with a great bit of my music collection, especially when Mike Downey’s vocals join the distorted track, similar to the voice of Mac of Superchunk.  I love the track’s gritty lo-fi style, bringing about a sort of indie rock crunchiness that puts you on edge, while endearing itself simultaneously.  You love great pop songs offered on a platter with a side of distortion and passion? Then you’ll definitely need to get your hands on Dodging the Column, which is available this week via Mirror Universe Tapes.

ATX Premiere: Yuma Release New Single

10614068_754453231278506_2042911533_nYuma have been around for a bit, but they’re here with their first hint that 2015 could be a big year for the band, graciously allowing us to premiere their first single.  “The Fire” really has two sides two it; it opens with this grandiose pop structure, careful layering crisp vocals over a slow chord progression.  But, then the song takes a turn, blasting into a blissful version of shimmering dream pop.  Melodies soar and the band rolls towards a soft close of the track, having carried you on a journey through varying realms of pop music.  You should help the band record more great songs in 2015 by buying the single HERE.  Look for the band to have more new tunes coming your way very soon.

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