ATX Premiere: Yuma Release New Single

10614068_754453231278506_2042911533_nYuma have been around for a bit, but they’re here with their first hint that 2015 could be a big year for the band, graciously allowing us to premiere their first single.  “The Fire” really has two sides two it; it opens with this grandiose pop structure, careful layering crisp vocals over a slow chord progression.  But, then the song takes a turn, blasting into a blissful version of shimmering dream pop.  Melodies soar and the band rolls towards a soft close of the track, having carried you on a journey through varying realms of pop music.  You should help the band record more great songs in 2015 by buying the single HERE.  Look for the band to have more new tunes coming your way very soon.

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Single Premiere: Kings of the Brushwood Thicket

KOTBT King ImageKings of the Brushwood Thicket are a relatively new band to me, and to many I reckon, but please take some time today to listen to this track.  No, it’s not just because it’s a premiere, or any such hype I’m trying to create.  Rather, I’ve been impressed with this song, and others, offering an extremely pure glimpse at the nostalgic sounds of glam rock.  Strip it down a bit, remove modern context, and you have a generous pop tune that will reward listeners from all backgrounds and styles.  It’s the first single off the band’s debut, The Lies You Leave Behind, which comes out on May 5th.

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Video Premiere: No/No Unleash “Red Flag”

noI’m always eager to help spread the word for really great bands that I enjoy, and if you’ve read these pages then you’ve already heard about how much I love the No/No…formerly the Delphines. They’ve released a couple of great EPs since rearranging their line-up, and I’m still hooked on the band.  Their most recent XO EP is definitely worthy of your time, and the band have allowed us to premiere their brand new video for “Red Flag,” the EP’s third track.  Check it out below, and enjoy great music on this Monday morning.    You can also stream the EP below!


Premiere: Pistachio Prep You for Springtime

pissedachioWe’re turning the corner on that Winter weather here, and we’ve got to have a soundtrack for those breezy days and warm afternoons.  I’m thinking you’re all going to want to put on quite a bit of Pistachio as that time nears; they’re offering you up this infectious new single…it’s equal parts Local Natives and early Vampy Weeks. You’ll hear tight guitar chords cutting at an angle, filled with some infectious bits of percussion and a hook that’s naturally built into the delivery of the vocals. I appreciate the fact that these guys rock it out for just over five minutes, cheering you on with a nice rhythm all the way until the end. These Berkeley boys release their Tehuantepec EP at the end of February, but get your sample on right here.

Premiere: Grave Pool Wants You Dancing

3You want more from Grave Pool? As do I, as do I.  The artist is crafting really solid electro-pop, hitting you heavy with really great beats; it’s the kind of electronic burst that has you jumping all over your brand new couch cushions, swinging your arms and smiling all the while.  Personally, I like the hazy element on the vocals; it provides a more personal touch than the average fare, making the track great for the dance floor, but also for your headphone listening experience. It’s the second single from his new album, Mnemonics, which is slated for a release next Tuesday via 80s Ladies Records.

Premiere: Birds of Night Prep New Self-Titled LP

4212Just because we rep Austin doesn’t mean we don’t look around Texas for great tunes from our neighboring cities, which is where we ran into Denton’s Birds of Night.  The group’s new single has this guitar that cuts through the pounding rhythm section, tied in tightly with a great Southern vocal that wears a Texas drawl proudly.  It reminds me a lot of local band A. Sinclair, just offering up a heavy dosage of great no-frills rock n’ roll. Their album, Birds of Night, was recorded by Midlake‘s McKenzie Smith at his Redwood Studio, so you know they’ve already caught the ear of some Texas heavy-hitters.  Here’s to them reaching beyond our state line; look for the album on April 21st.


Premiere: Fresh Single from Draag

draagonDream pop’s everywhere these days, but in order to stand out from the crowd one has to offer something slightly different, which is why I wanted you to hear this new Draag single.  Rather than simply rely upon the atmospheric wash that coats many a dream-pop tune (it is here), the band also has opted to employ this underlying groove from the rhythm section that seemingly offers hints at a tune that’s just a few production moments away from a dancefloor remix. For my ears, it’s a fresh approach, whilst still holding true to the styles of the sound itself.  The band will be releasing their Tracy Lordz (how we miss her) EP.

New Music Premiere: The Orchids “Hey Sometimes!”

orchidsThose of you looking for something perfect, something pop better listen up.  Today you get to hear the first single from legendary indie poppers, The Orchids. The last time I heard from them was their marvelous 2010 LP, The Lost Star, but as they ready the release of Beatitude #9, we bring you this single.  It carries the band’s typical soft underbelly in its harmonies, winning listeners over with guitar parts that seemingly trickle in step with each melody.  There’s a simplicity to the approach, asking followers to let themselves be absorbed in the craftsmanship of the band.  Look to get your hands on the album on October 21st via Acuarela.


Download: The Orchids – Hey! Sometimes! [MP3]

Music Premiere: Secret Cities Unveil Thumbs

Secret.Cities.2014.3We’re happily here today to premiere the brand new single from Secret Cities; it’s the third track to be released on their forthcoming LP, Walk Me Home.  Up until now, the band have largely crafted their work via email and phone calls, but the work within this record was composed in a studio in San Francisco, a first for the band.  Whatever the cause, the music they’ve crafted for their 3rd LP has left us with some of the most dynamic tracks they’ve composed to date.  “Thumbs” will have you swirling in the dark pop crafted by the band, accented by touches of strings and horns, weaving a web of musical bliss.  You can grab this new LP from Western Vinyl on June 24th.


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New Single Premiere from Alphabetical Order Orchestra

919686_574433805923476_615091088_oWe’ve raved about the work of Alphabetical Order Orchestra, and we’re getting closer to a proper release from the group.  The band has been gracious enough to let us share one of the tracks off their upcoming EP today, but we’d also like to encourage you to donate to the group so you can get your name in the liner notes (plus help with future recordings). You can do that HERE. I love the feeling of this track; it encompasses a little bit of twee, but also has a subtlety that so many people will find endearing.  So many elements illustrate why I’ve adored the work of the band, from the gentle vocal delivery to the careful bits of instrumentation; it all fits so perfectly that I bet can’t but fawn over it.  Enjoy for now, and we’ll keep you posted on the release of the EP.



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