Big Mess Share Fresh Single, Announce New LP

Been a struggle to get my feet out from underneath me this week, so felt like the best way to kick things off was to drop in this jam from Denmark’s Big Mess. They’re a no-bullshit rock outfit of the punk vein, running away with a pounding rhythm section while the rest of the band tries to play catch up. Those riffs speed through, and the growl of the vocals has hints of nostalgic leanings, though I love how it holds onto this anthemic quality, even when it feels like its barreling down the train tracks. You’ll find this tune and others on the groups new LP, Cleaning Up With, out November 17th.

A Quick Hit From Art Thieves

Those in the mood for a quick hitting, in your face punk rock number need look no further than this 1 minute track from Quincy, MA based band Art Thieves. You surely don’t want to hit the restroom or take a coffee break when hitting play or you’ll miss this short and ferocious number called “Proxies”. It’s about as punk as you can get nowadays. Looking forward to hearing more tracks as they come in.

Art Thieves will release the Russian Rats LP on September 14th via State Line Records.

You’ve Got To Hear This Doll Baby Song

In the never ending quest to find something new and unique, it can sometimes become more painful than it should be. But then, hold the phone, a song like “Alive” from Richmond based Doll Baby and everything comes together. It’s a little bit of slower psych rock to start out, but wait for it, the song explodes about midway through and turns in to this slasher ready punk rock song. The vocal delivery from Julie Storey is about as good as it gets. For real.

Doll Baby have a new EP entitled Hell Block EP due out on October 13th via EggHunt Records.

New Music from Critical Dad

In case you didn’t catch on with last year’s Slack Capital release, we’re big fans of Austin’s Critical Dad. Just recently the band uploadedsixbrand new gems you’ll want to enjoy…especially if you’re inclined to rock. I’m personally partial to the furious off-kilter rock of “Symbiotic Relationship,” especially with it’s moment of brief respite near the 2 minute mark before wrapping up things with a ferocious attitude. This is punk rock, blended with a little bit of distortion, a lot of weird and the slightest hint at pop music…it’s all yours for the NYP option!

Epic Rocker From NOTS

unnamed (4)We’ve talked about Memphis based NOTS on this here website in the past and they are one of those bands we eagerly wait to hear more from. Today our thirst for new music is quenched with this epic new single entitled “Entertain Me”. Prepare yourself before hitting play because this thing is an epic, 7 minute long, punk rock jam session. It’s full of grit, wailing guitars and vocals, and all things badass.

NOTS will release new album Cosmetic on September 9th via Goner Records.

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Hear Another New Single from Wimps

wimpsListening to this new single from Wimps, I’m pretty convinced they need a larger stage in the indie realm. Their latest single, “Suitcase,” is a splendid piece of propulsive punk rock, fueled by incredible guitar work and a bit of ramshackle percussion. It’s reminiscent of the work by Parquet Courts, though I think this one has a ton more attitude and punch than their contemporaries. Could this be the year when Wimps break into the ears of the masses? I sure hope so. Look for their new album, Suitcase, to hit on November 13th via Kill Rock Stars.

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ATX Spotlight: The Midgetmen Prep 5th Album

midgetsI have the utmost respect for all four dudes in the Midgetmen. For years the band has bounced around the local Austin music scene, cranking out infection pop punk at their own pace.  They’re not looking to break down barriers, they’re just looking to play rock n’ roll the way they like it; turned up loud and blasting it with your friends over a few bottles of Bud. This track is the lead tune off their 5th album, Hobbytown, and that should say a great deal about the band themselves, able to handle the highs and lows of The Festival Capital of the World. They’ll be celebrating the release of their album at the Blackheart on June 27th.

White Reaper Kill it Again

untitledMan White Reaper just seem to continually fly a little under the radar despite their stellar rock tunes.  We raved about the band last year after the release of a self-titled EP full of punk rock inspired sounds, catchy hooks, and loud guitars.  Nathan already shared with you new single “Make Me Wanna Die” back in April, and I’m pleased today to bring you new single “I Don’t Think She Cares”.  Let’s put it this way, if your Monday is dragging a little bit, spin this song a few times and all will be right in the world.

Don’t forget that new album White Reaper Does it Again is due out on July 17th via Polyvinyl.

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Hard Left Hits Hard

hlIt’s refreshing that there’s a group of old school rockers and label owners throwing down some brutal politico-punk.  In a landscape bogged down by nostalgia and copy-cat artists, Hard Left hit fast and hard, stomping through their latest single without looking around for camaraderie.  “Imagination” is most notable for the rabble-rousing growl of Mike, while the trumpet blasts and backing vocals of Donna seem like a rioting call to arms.  I love the fact that the band seemingly fit into their own small space in the musical sphere, doing things on their own terms; it’s precisely the way we’re meant to enjoy our rock n’ roll.  Look for the band to release their debut, We Are Hard Left next week; you can order it HERE.

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I Like Me Some Radical Dads

UntitledI am admittedly a little late on this one as things have been quite crazy in my life and the music world has been on hold.  Today I’m going to share a few songs as I get back in the game with this awesome track from longtime ATH favorite Radical Dads.  As I just said, I’ve followed this band for while and this new tune does even more to promote my fandom.  Check it out below and enjoy a lil bit of rock to improve your day.

Pick up new album, Universal Coolers, on February 24th via Old Flame Records.


Download: Don’t Go [MP3]

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