Faulty Cognitions Share Fresh Single

As an avid Dirtnap Records fan, Chris Mason and his old band Low Culture were certainly an act I was familiar with, and even have an LP in the catalog. Now, however, Chris has moved to San Antonio where he’s fronting Faulty Cognitions, a brand new act. Mason has a pretty distinctive voice and style, so you’re getting a mixture of punk and classic rock n’ roll thrown at you with a DIY ethos. And maybe it’s just me, but there’s something in the guitars that feels like it bleeds Texas, though that could just be me. Love the gang vocals that get employed too, bulking up the sound into one riotous burst of rock. You can find this song on their new LP, Somehow, Here We Are, out this Friday. Plus, if you’re in the Austin area, the band play at the Parish on April 16th! A week from today!

Eastside Suicides Reissue Debut LP on 20th Anniversary

There’ve been a lot of punk acts in the Austin area over the years, but one that I always had a particular fondness for was Eastside Suicides; they only had one proper release, but owned nights over at Beerland for sometime. Today, word comes our way that Desolate Sounds Records will be reissuing their debut on its 20th anniversary, adding in some remastering and a few bonus tracks. While a lot of the punk scene here is written with “weirdness,” I liked how the the group just encompassed a classic rock n’ roll sound; the tunes have the same bravado as the Dolls as the Stooges, with their performances matching that enthusiasm too. So, if you’ve got an itch for old school, let’s celebrate! The newly retitled Streets Got Yo Baby will drop on May 10th.

Big Mess Share Walk All Over Me

Out there, somewhere in the rock n’ roll landscape is a musical experience somewhere between Jay Reatard and the Exploding Hearts; I think that place is where Big Mess gathered all their energy for this new single. The track has the tenacity and pulse of something Jay might have done, but it’s fully embracing the anthemic bits of pop-punk enthusiasts. It’s a rush of energy, running on the backs of furiously pounding drums, and they run you right through to the hook of “you could walk all over me.” Feels like this would be a great song for a sing-along with your best mates; you’ll find this tune on the group’s new Cleaning Up With LP, out on November 17th.

Single Bullet Theory to Release c. ’79 EP

There’s not much recorded material out there from Single Bullet Theory, aside from their eponymous LP…but that’s about to change, as the band are unearthing a collection of songs recored in the late 70s, titled c. ’79. In order to tease the forthcoming release, we’ve got a sneak peek at one of the outstanding tunes you’ll be able to get your hands upon. I love the perfect balance between the verses and the chorus, straddling the grit of early punk rock vibes and the anthemic pop rock that would dominate the 80s. Playful little guitar upticks give the song a bit of spirit, but you can hear the track still delving back into the band’s more raucous tendencies. This is one of those release that you’re going to just crank up, so send your thanks to Feel It Records who release the EP on September 22nd.

Check Out Balloon Thief’s New EP

Admittedly, having a 1 and 4 year old has perhaps made my listening a bit timid, but this Texas heat and the start of the school year has me turning towards the more boisterous brand of rock n’ roll, like Balloon Thief. The Rhode Island outfit just popped out a 5-track EP coming in under ten minutes, so you know you’re in for a quick spurt of catchy punk bits. “Sodium City” reminds me of the Terry Malts meets the Spits, particularly if you dig into the chorus. “Noble Steed” has this sort of freaked out psychedelia, like the Ohsees at their most riotous, just sputtering off in a furious fashion. Hop on board this ripping self-titled EP.

Last Quokka Blaze Through Disconnected Single

When you hit me with a huge “whoo” to open up a track, you better believe it’s going to be something I’m going to throw down, such as this fresh Last Quokka track. The band hail from Perth, way out in Western Australia, so the title of their latest single could certainly relate to their location. But, it seems like it’s working on multiple levels, with the lyrical content tied more to one’s inability to cope with the continuous decline of Western Civilization. There’s this ferociousness to the tune that I found super appealing, seeing it as the only way we can really approach the future nowadays. Grab a copy of the band’s new album Red Dirt today!

Transy Warhol Share Deceiver, Baby Single

Be it Big Boys or the Dicks or Big Bill, Austin has had its share of jittering punk rock acts through the last several decades, but its time for Transy Warhol to assume their rightful spot on the throne this year. Their latest single has those jagged guitar chops, knifing their way right through your speakers, wiggling and squirming into your inner ear. Meanwhile, Ruby del Mar emphatically growls through the microphone, flirting with the band’s more dangerous side; it’s a great counterpoint to the rhythm section, working with the guitars to add a little bit of pogoing punk rock to the sand. At times you’ll hear the frantic angularity, other times the song embodies more primal tendencies…so you get a little bit of everything in their sound. The group are set to release Control on April 28th!

Bingo Boys Drop Donuts

Seeing as its the middle of the week, figured we needed a good kick in the rear to get us underway, and what better way than this fresh track from Indianapolis outfit, Bingo Boys. Greeted with a wall of feedback, the band burst right forth delivering this pummeling barrage of hurried punk; the guitars alone feel like they’re angry engines rushing down the highway, ripping through your speakers as they go. Just as quickly as you dive into this tune, it draws to a close. But, then we’re left here to wait for their new album, Freak Out and Leave, dropping later this year.

Friday Boys Drop I’m Skinny Single

It’s a bummer that Beerland doesn’t exist anymore, as this new Friday Boys single seems like the perfect tune to cram into the old club’s walls. The song has this anxious pounding, crafting this suffocating heaviness; this atmosphere sets up the slight (and I mean slight) melodic twist in the chorus here, allowing for the perfect contrast. Going through the tune, it hints at the sort of discordant almost-punk offered up by the likes of Protomartyr, with Scott’s guitar skittering at the edges, so you’re likely going to find folks clamoring to catch the act; they play tonight in Austin at the Swan Dive!

Scrunchies Sign to Dirtnap, Announce New LP

Just really feeling some rock energy this Friday, so news that Minneapolis outfit Scrunchies have signed up with Dirtnap with this accompanying single fits perfectly into my vibe. Plus, the track’s video has links to my lesson today with my students in our continued discussion on Science Fiction and its depictions of humanity. The band have this tenacity that hits you in the face from the get-go, with Danielle’s drum work pounding in your brain even after the track ends. Laura Larson leads the vocal assault, belting out line after line with this fierceness that’s sure to startle those with “no home planet.” Powerful and punchy, and just enough hooks for this old geezer to grin. Feral Coast hits on April 1st!

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