Have A Nice Weekend

avatars-000108090749-xgydxe-t500x500I’ll be processing photos of the Merchandise show last night on the plane. I land late. That’s my Friday night, but after that, pizza party and catching up on my shows from the week. Jealous, right? What are your plans? Tell on the Bookface or the Tweets.

Richmond is pretty. They have this thing called “fall”. It is really neat. It is like this thing we call “winter”.

So google this “Don’t Tell Zebra”. Watch the funny video. More importantly, listen to the jam by Mansions On The Moon embedded below about what happened last night and make it your weekend anthem. #cantremembershit #party

Have A Nice Weekend

10644280_10154566418645301_7516351349019480014_oNathan intro’ed you to Niagara in a post in June. Their album, Don’t Take It Personality, is now out. I went back to listen today and figured I would share this one.

So, y’all have a nice weekend. I’ll see you at Erasure or Sharon Van Etten/Allo Darlin’. Busy Saturday. Home tonight. Flank steak marinated in red wine garlic, thyme, oregano and olive oil, maybe some roasted leeks, I like to cook. #themoreyouknow

Have A Nice Weekend

The Juan MacleanLadies and Gentlemen, you may dance.

The Juan Maclean has been known to elicit party. DFA has this latest track up for your ears and feets. Use it. Add it to your Soundcloud mix for the weekend. This track again features Nancy Whang on vocals and I think it is John’s best stuff since “The Simple Life”. Big DFA-style beat, somewhat brooding at times, but always ready to break out.

Turn it up, enjoy the three day weekend if you dare.

Have a Nice Weekend

theglass-thumbnailChew on this smooth piece of electro bliss.

I have no idea how I have lived with out knowing this existed. But I know now, so I will share it with you.

The Glass is Dominique Keegan and Glen Brady, the latter sports the aka DJ Wool. Both have stakes in different labels on different sides of the Atlantic, labels that after listening to the latest release I will have to follow, Plant Music and We Collect Enemies, respectively.

I am highlighting a slower song on the record At Swim Two Birds that can be streamed in it’s entirety on their Soundcloud.

Have a Nice Weekend

a3507307410_2This week’s PYAITK smooth jam is from Drop Electric. It is called “Waking Up to the Fire”. It is the title track and an absolute beauty. Austere synth waves lead you in to more layers of layers and simple builds as the vocals interleave and let the super hooks that are strong, yet melancholy, yet empowering. Smoothly woven trumpet track.

The band, out of DC, is on Lefse Records, a label that currently is nurturing some great artists.

Recalibrate Your Brain

artworks-000073405557-9sdcma-t500x500A little PYAITK for Friday…

You know it has been a long week; so many shows, liver abuse, too many whiskies, perhaps a marathon, a bathroom remodel or just the boss that won’t chill. No matter the source of your stress, I present this song to level your mood.

Ever heard of Brian Reitzell? Sure, you have. You have seen movies with his original music or well-curated soundtracks. Did you see Lost In Translation? So yeah, street cred, but his latest project is an LP called Auto Music. “Last Summer” is a sample from the album due in early June on Smalltown Supersound and a means to soothe, relax and then rebuild your brain in eight and a half minutes with a little help from MBV’s Kevin Shields.

Have A Nice Weekend

artworks-000056441358-m66lnv-t500x500Busy lives are busy. I am still alive. New job, remodeling, family stuff…

Heard this song for the time in a few months and wanted to share to get your head right going into the weekend. It is called “Shape” and it is by Glasser. It is a layered beauty that is upbeat or downbeat depending on what your brain latches on to after you hit play.

See y’all at Red7 Saturday, OK? Now to figure out why I didn’t post it the first time I heard it…

Have A Nice Weekend With Yumi Zouma

Yumi ZoumaMy friend Mike Taylor turned on to this track during his show on Amazing Radio. He is the ex-Woxy guy that should be running radio in Austin. The guy can pick the jams. This one is slightly less jammy, but a wonderful song nonetheless.

This Australian/New Zealand based artist has a release on Cascine that you can stream on the Cascine SoundCloud page. You should listen to the whole thing, but here is one of the highlights, a song called “Riquelme”.

Have A Nice Weekend With Breton

Breto - War Room StoriesOne of the acts I absolutely loved at SxSW two years ago was Breton. They recently released their latest album War Room Stories on iTunes and are coming back for this year’s conference.

The track I feature below is a poppy number. It is a tour bus collision of Foals and Friendly Fires. The rest of the album is kind of all over the place. You think you can dismiss a song as derivative or against your grain and then it has an odd break or goes a direction you may not have expected. It is a dance pop music mash up with an accent and I kind of dig it. Give it a stream here. “Got Well Soon” is quite brilliant, as well.

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