Nova Blast Prep Debut LP

The opening moments of this new Nova Blast track feel like my head right now, ready to explode. Somehow, the song feels cathartic, like the noise can surround and comfort rather than build on anxieties. Interestingly, the Swedish band seem to balance their noisy brand of rock n’ roll with a bit of an allegiance to grunge vibes, as you can certainly hear this song fitting nicely into the 90s vibe. And, just as you feel your ears can take no more, the noise subsides, and the song comes to a rest, waiting to go again. The band release Eccolalia on September 16th via Rama Lama Records.

Per Och Olof Announces Radd Hast

I’ll be honest, as I have absolutely no clue what’s being said in this new single from Per Och Olof, but even with that, the emotive quality of the tune captured me nonetheless. News of his new compilation, Radd Hast, claim that he showed up to the studio with a bunch of punky demos only to turn them into pop diamonds on the way out. You can hear that attitude in the sharpness of the guitar work, though his voice definitely lends itself more towards a pop inclination. If you’re willing to lose yourself in a vibe, then spend some time here, and be sure to check out some more of Radd Hast tracks; the physical version is out in September via Rama Lama Records.

Wy Continue to Grow with High Score

If you missed last year’s Marriage LP, then perhaps we haven’t done our part to turn you on to Wy, at least not properly. But, they’ve got a new EP on the way, and it continues to show how incredibly quickly they’ve broadened their sound, hitting on all the high notes we’d expect and then some. When the tune opens, it has this almost nostalgic pop lean to it, though enhanced by this heavy resonance that sets up Ebba’s vocal entry. She’s got this faint little quiver that toys with you, but as the track unfolds you see just how powerful her voice is, dominating the front of the mix. Still, careful ears will hear just how much effort was put into everything behind Ebba, with all sort of varying textures, balancing noisy bits with melodic ringing notes; it’s pop craftsmanship at its finest. The Something Amazing EP is out June 17th via Rama Lama Records.

Wy Share New Single + EP Announcement

Sweden’s Wy have already found great success with their last few releases, finally breaking into the US audience with the excellent Marriage LP (2021). Today, the group return with news of a fresh EP on the way, and they’re doing it in striking fashion. Ebba opens the tune with her vocals crawling atop light sonic touches. Soon, the guitar enters the picture, heavily breaking the barrier between pop and rock. Still, Ebba’s voice has this huge range to it, something that would put her right alongside current US darlings like Angel or Sharon. Something Amazing is on the horizon, and it will be released by the ATH revered Rama Lama Records.

Cool Friday Streams: Kindsight, the Fine, Neutrals

Fridays are a good day to sit back and do a lot of daydreaming. What’s better than good jams to go along with it? Well, check below as we’ve got a few things that might grab your interest.

KindsightSwedish Punk

We’ve been hyping this Danish band for a few years, and now their debut LP is finally here for all of you to enjoy. It’s 11 songs of creative pop, all tied together by a penchant for fuzzy riffs and 90s rock n’ roll. Brought to you courtesy of Rama Lama.

NeutralsBus Stop Nights EP

After dropping Kebab Disco, we became devotees to the church of Neutrals. Well, they drop their new EP today, reminding us that the best punk rock with UK lineage doesn’t always have to sound like Shame/Idles/etc; this is all pogoing, clever lyrics and off-the-cuff exuberance. Via Static Shock.


Pop music is always a great way to spend your time, particularly when it’s constructed as carefully as what we have here from Alice Kat and Kid Chameleon. Plus, this is a double album of charming ditties, some with energetic bursts, while others feel a touch more thoughtful. I love how they tease us with mellow bits before dropping in massive hooks. Courtesy of Subjangle.

Kindsight Share Queen of Cowboys

While we were hitting up SXSW, I missed this Kindsight tune…but, on the other hand, I did get to meet the incredibly kind folks who run the band’s label, Rama Lama Records. This new single doesn’t wait too long before rushing forward with precision drum work that encourages the song to playfully skip on while Nina’s voice churns the melody. At first, the guitar line is understated a bit, just hanging back, waiting for its turn to mix it up with the band, which it does as the tune erupts into chorus. This is indeed the perfect morning starter to your day, so you can’t get better than turning it up now. Swedish Punk, the new album from the Danish group, will be out Friday!

Kindsight Share Hi Life Single

Danish quartet Kindsight will be dropping their new full-length, Swedish Punk at the end of March, and they’re teasing us with another delightful single today. Nina Rasmussen dominates the verses, sneaking in with these vocals that feel like a sunnier Juliana Hatfield. But, for all Rasmussen’s endearing notes, the band still kick up some bite when you get to the chorus, shattering the pop faade with an emphatic burst of noisy fury; the drums pound and the guitars are nothing but sheer noise, with Nina cutting through it all. It’s a great mix, keeping Swedish Punk in my mind as the band’s breakthrough performance; it hits on March 25th via Rama Lama Records.

Kindsight Announce Swedish Punk LP

I hope you’ve clicked on this tune expecting a great bit of punk rock to come blasting through your speakers; Kindsight is going to let you down, but I’m still totally in love with this track. Immersing you immediately in this wash of distorted guitars battling with this melodic noodling note, it sets the scene for the entrance of Nina Hyldgaard Rasmussen; the song pulls back just a bit to let her establish control over the track. The empty space in the tune gets filled back with that heavy riff work, creating this composed nature balancing the melodies of Rasmussen’s voice with the band’s tendency to throw in a bit of blossoming noise. You can expect this perfect control of pop songwriting when the group drop their album, Swedish Punk via Rama Lama Records this March.

Kindsight Share Don’t You Grow Up Single

I’ve been writing about the stuff on Rama Lama Records for some time, and their newest singing Kindsight definitely has my attention today as they drop a brand new single. The track has these pop rock grooves, recalling the best days of early alternative rock from the early 90s…though updated with hints of jangle and bits of distortion. Still, the star has to be Nina Rasmussen, belting out these powerful notes throughout the song’s entirety. At times, she feels calm and rested, only to unleash these curling charms in the chorus that rise up and down in the most intoxicating fashion. Rumor has it that a debut is coming out next year!

Benz Shares Cave In Track

I’ve heard a few tracks from Ebba Salomonsson’s Benz project, and they’ve been stellar, though I’m always late to the game on posting them, and then I forget. But, with her latest, “Cave In,” I just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to get this one out into the world. The pacing of the tune is intoxicating, perfect for late night drives under starlit highways or maybe that time when you float in space with Shatner. There’s a delicacy to Ebba’s voice that just pulls you deep within to the song, even as things begin to get a little more exploratory, with rougher edges that rattle your speaker. A lovely tune from the lovely This Could Be the End EP, out November 5th via Rama Lama Records.

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