Delighting Pop from Melby

Everyone’s all about that PNKSLM over in Sweden, but another label that’s really been doing it for me lately is fellow Stockholm posse, Rama Lama Records. They’ve just set up another great release with this new single from Melby. The band definitely fits into our modern evolution of dream/indie pop stylings, though I think there’s just a hint more fragility in the voice…it’s almost like a crystalline object you don’t want to drop for fear of shattering. However, the song really excels during the chorus where the pace is picked up, guitars ring just a bit louder and the bass bobs along. For real, this song rules.

Playful Pop Number from Kluster

One of my favorite Swedish labels at the moment is Rama Lama Records, and they’ve really gotten a winner by picking up Kluster. For a moment, I thought I had this song figured out completely, pulling in a vibe akin to Beach House by crafting layered pop. But, there’s this sharp turn of jagged guitars that toss the track in another direction, then they settle back in, albeit momentarily. The band jump right back into boisterous pop explosion to close out the tune; it’s a strong finish to an already stellar song. The group will release Civic on June 15th.

New Tune from Kluster

Make no mistake, this new track from Kluster is definitely a pop song. But, the band does it’s best to hide that from you, structuring the track so that only Linnea’s vocals come across as the pure pop attribute. The percussion seemingly uses a mix of drums and wood blocks, while the guitar shatters the melody at the most opportune time, again and again. Then, the song opens for a drifting atmospheric moment where Hall’s voice reigns supreme. Wood blocks carefully pop up, guitar chords trickle back in, then close it all with a brief bit of discord. This isn’t your average pop band, and they’ll be releasing their debut LP, Civic, on June 15th via Rama Lama Records.

Poppy Surf from Delsbo Beach Club

Delsbo Beach Club are bringing in precisely what one would expect from the band’s name; they offer a poppy take on that Cali style beach vibe. Except, this group hails from Sweden, which is perhaps why there’s a dominating pop sensibility that runs throughout the tune. The vocals have a bit of distorted effect, which effectively encourages the ears to come closer to the speaker. With that, you’ll find a natural spring to your step created by delectable guitar notes. In the chorus there’s a slight turn away from the beach to a more intimate croon; it’s a swing of sorts, crafted in an indiepop manner. This single is full of promise, and it’s available now via Rama Lama Records.

New Jam from Swedish Act, Kluster

The latest signing to Rama Lama Records, Kluster, is jumping in with a creative blend of all things indie rock, and they’re pulling it off quite successfully. The song’s structures seem to dance around a tight mathy-prog vibe, but the space behind is constantly being interlaced with noise and elegant melody. The vocals from Linnea Hall naturally provide an infectious hook, especially in the way she curls the notes off at the end of each phrase. This track’s full of energy and creativity, and in the end, it’s as impressive a debut single as I’ve heard. Expect a full length in the very near future from the label.

Pop Vibes from Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes

Those of you in search of dreamy pop from Sweden need look no further than Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes. The up-and-coming act just dropped this delicious new single from their forthcoming EP. It opens with a delicate guitar line walking over the percussion. Vocals slowly enter picture, taking on deep tones to match the song’s mood. Eventually, they rise into the ether, shimmering in the most captivating manner…with added touches from the band providing more textural depth to the tune. Look for Four Waters to drop on November 24th via Rama Lama Records.

New To You: Groovy Indie Pop From Melby

This track may be a week old, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting any less fresh. Melby are a Stockholm psych pop group that should be on your radar– this new single, “Cross” that they just put out proves that. The group will be releasing their debut EP on Rama Lama Records soon and if it’s anything like the song below, it will be filled with psych-twingedguitar riffs, gorgeously smooth vocals, and bouncy percussion to make you shake it. Vocally, I’m reminded a bit of Wye Oak‘s Jenn Wasner, but the guitar has a bit of a bite to it that makes me think about the work of St. Vincent. The song finishes nicely with a touch of synthesizer which adds some psych flair to to the tune. Take a listen below and keep an ear to the ground for more from the group.


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