Show Preview: The Shivas @ Hotel Vegas (TONIGHT)

The-ShivasIt’s Wednesday, your energy is back up from the weekend, so why not destroy it with a little rock n’ roll? Sure, there’s some other shows in town (Guitars Eat Bass Amps, Borrisokane), but there really is one place you can go for the best rock n’ roll time of your life.  For one, The Shivas will be in town at Hotel Vegas.  Their last 7″, with the track below, literally played every day on my stereo for two months…at least once a day, if not more.  Plus, three incredible local acts from your town of Austin will be playing: Rayon Beach, Loteria and Nameless Frames.  The latter is fairly new on the scene, but the other two have been killing it for years, with Loteria taking up my vote for most underrated act in town. You know you’ll have fun here.


Download: The Shivas – You Make Me Wanna Die [MP3]

Grape St. LP Release Party @ Hotel Vegas (4.24)

913731_645909895424336_625905147_oSo your plans are to hit up Youth Lagoon, but you can’t stop there. Once the rock n’ roll gets started, you’ve got to keep it going.  The best place to head on Wednesday night is over to Hotel Vegas for the Grape St. LP release; this is the band featuring Curtis from Harlem…seriously one of my favorite records of the last year.  Of course, you can buy it HERE if you’re not in Austin.  Just because we’re putting out the record, doesn’t mean you can miss a single of the opening acts; they’re some of our favorite, and the best, rock acts in town.  You’ve got Pharaohs kicking things off, with John Wesley Coleman and Rayon Beach warming up the crowd for all you folks. There will be balloons, A Date With You LPs, and just a ton of incredible bands.  It’s dirt cheap, so help support the local scene and come join us for this celebration.


Download: Grape St. – Double Golds [MP3]


Download: Pharaohs – Prettiest Girl [MP3]

Show Preview: Eternal Summers @ Mohawk (9/20)

Date Thursday, September 20th
Location Mohawk
Doors 9 PM
Tickets $8 from Mohawk

As if Thursday night couldn’t get any crazier for us folks here in Austin, here’s another show that should be on your radar if you’re not planning on attending the gig we’re sponsoring over at Red 7. Eternal Summers come to town fresh off the release of their latest, Correct Behavior, which is brimming with post-punk hooks and sing-a-long melodies.  Their show is definitely going to be a bouncing good time, especially since they’re joined by Bleeding Rainbow, who are just about to release their own album, Yeah Right, in early 2013.  Oh, and with local favorites Rayon Beach opening, you’re sure to get your money’s worth.


Download:Eternal Summers – You Kill[MP3]

Show Pics: Ty Segall @ Mohawk (5/25)

Last Friday was a disgustingly busy night of shows. The ATH crew split time between The Mohawk and Red7.

First up for show coverage is the four band line-up at The Mohawk headlined by Ty Segall. After the recent recorded collaboration, it was only natural for White Fence to back up Ty. Along for the ride were Memphis band Useless Eaters and one of my local favorites Rayon Beach.

Click through and play a little Where’s Waldo with the crowd pics…

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Show Preview: Ty Segall/White Fence @ the Mohawk (5/25)

Date Friday, May 25th
Location Mohawk
Doors 800 pm
Tickets $10 from Transmission

Tons of great shows on Friday night, but the one you’ll find me hitting up is Ty Segall and White Fence over at the Mohawk.  Ty’s got to be one of the busiest people in the business, releasing his latest album, Hair, with White Fence just this past month, then turning around to release another as the Ty Segall Band in just a bit.  Garage rock and glory are all his.  It’ll be interesting to see if Tim from White Fence plays a solo set, or if he’s just going to rock with Ty the whole night, or if they’ll trade back and forth.  You can also catch some great acts opening the night up, with Rayon Beach and Useless Eaters kicking things off the right way.  It’s going to be a rock n’ roll fueled night, but this is your friendly reminder to not talk at the show, please.


Download: Ty Segall & White Fence – I Am Not A Game [MP3]

Dark Jam from Rayon Beach

Just a bit ago we were watching a passionate set from Austin’s Rayon Beach, with the three piece punk-of-sorts band opening for Terry Malts.  Their songs were catchy and powerful, even without the presence of a bass guitar.  Luckily for fans of the band it’s time for you all to open up your ears and check out the group’s new LP, This Looks Serious, which you can purchase from Hozac Records (gold colored vinyl if you’re a nerd like that). I dig the shady darkness that kind of has the band brooding here, giving them this weird sensation of facing peril head-on.  It’s only a matter of time before Austin’s darlings make bigger waves–this LP seems to be that step out the door.  AND…if you’re in Austin, the band has their LP release tonight at 29th Street Ballroom.


Download:Rayon Beach – Where Are the Cities [MP3]

Show Preview: Terry Malts @ Mohawk (4/12)

Date 4/12/12
Location Mohawk
Doors 9pm
Tickets $8 @ Frontgate

Let this insane week of music in Austin continue on Thursday night with what might be the best show of the week featuring ATH favorite band Terry Malts.  Most of us around these here parts have seen these guys live and can atest to their strong and engaging live performances they bring to every show.  Your opening support for the evening is provided by locals One Hundred Flowers and Rayon Beach.  The inside area at Mohawk is sure to be packed.


Download: Terry Malts – Tumble Down [MP3]

Show Preview: Terry Malts (& More) @ 29th St. Ballroom (10/24)

Date Monday, October 24th
Location 29th Street Ballroom
Doors 900p
Tickets $5 @ the Door

Sure, St. Vincent is coming to town, but the best show no one seems to be discussing is going down at 29th Street Ballroom, and for cheap!  Hozac Records is bringing a solid posse to town, and perhaps my favorite on the list is Terry Malts.  There’s a bit of punk, a bit of the gaze, and just solid track after track.  You’ll also get Wax Idols, who’ll be premiering some of their new material from their upcoming record, No Future.  And, to finish out the night, you’ll have Rayon Beach closing things down. If you’re into music, you have no excuse not to be at this show.


Download: Terry Malts – Something About You [MP3]

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