Reggae Reissue from Bunny Lion

lionMy tastes have been all over the map lately, but I’ll always hold true to my love of chilled out reggae.  It’s always something I can turn to on long drives or sunny afternoons, so I’m excited I can now finally add some Bunny Lion to my collection.  It’s primarily the work of Linval Thompson’s gifts, who I’ve come familiar with through my fandom of Scientist.  The collection of songs is called Red, and the ten songs are seeing the re-issue treatment from Fantasy Memory, so why not wrap up your Friday with some chilled tunes from Jamaica.

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Austin Spotlight: Hear the 2nd Tune off the Balmorhea’s New 7″

balmoeNot long ago, we posted “Heir I,” one of the first new tracks we’ve heard from Austin’s Balmorhea in some time.  It was part of a special 7″ they’re releasing in conjunction with the vinyl reissue of their debut LP, which is all being handled by Western Vinyl.  This new piece is really exquisite; it captures the beauty the band has always created, but they seem to be experimenting with a little bit of discord; I like that touch.  Still, the building string arrangements that crash upon your ears are the 4.12 mark are just, well, incredible.  It’s clear that great care and thought have gone into the construction of this number, so hats off to that. The re-issue and the Heir 7″ both hit stores on October 14th.

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Revisiting the Bats to Honor Re-Issues

BatsInParis93I think the world is now a better place now that Captured Tracks has a hold of the back catalog to legendary label Flying Nun over here in the US.  I know that somewhere out there are original vinyl copies of some of my favorite acts, but I’m grateful too that I can grab a hold of some of these classics without too much hassle. The label has announced that they’ll be releasing 3 classic albums from The Bats, Compiletely Bats, Daddy’s Highway and The Law of Things; they’re all albums you should own, especially if you’re a fan of great pop music.  Not only will there by vinyl releases, but a  3 CD version that’s a compilation of   the releases (CDs are the new cassettes). All of these will be available on May 27th, and in honor, here’s a great single off of Daddy’s Highway.



Great Reissue from Rock Plaza Central

Perhaps my friend Shane and I are the only one interested in this, but I’m sure we’re both really excited.  Chris Eaton’s Rock Plaza Central project has been sporadic at times, but that shouldn’t take away from the great body of work, such as my personal favorite, Are We Not Horses.  Chris has just re-released one of the group’s early recordings, Quantum Butterass, and I’ve really been enjoying getting to see where the band began.  The track I posted has some similarities to Mountain Goats, and I can definitely see similarities that have lasted into both bands careers.  If you like this, the band is giving it away, but they’re asking for donations, which are always suggested by us here at ATH.


Download:Rock Plaza Central – Que Sara [MP3]

New (Old Track) from Emperor X

As much as I can get carried away by the world of power pop at times, there’s always been a soft spot in my heart for great songwriters; C. Matheny is one such writer, writing much like John Darnielle of Mountain Goats.  His group, Emperor X, is riding a high note after the release of Western Teleport last year, and will probably continue on a high note as Bar None Records are re-releasing their old albums for the masses.  I think once you give a good listen to this track from Central Hug/Freindarmy/Fractaldunes (2005), you’ll be just as excited as I am that we’ll all have a chance to get our hands on these great old songs from Matheny and company.


Download:Emperor X – Raytracer [MP3]