Stream Two New Tracks from the Ovens Reissue

While the world might not be entirely aware of Ovens and their history, the indie world surely knows of Tony Molina and his gifted songwriting. He released several great LPs via Slumberland and has since dropped a few more, but we’re here to talk about his earlier work in Ovens. The San Fan band are getting the reissue of their work via Tankcrimes, and there’s now two more tracks available from the collection. Honestly, you’d be best suited to jump to Bandcamp and play these songs in succession. They’re perfectly matched, “Good Idea” offering Tony’s softer side, teasing his craft of melody before jumping right into the ripper that is “Bad Day.” The Ovens collection drops on December 2nd.

Self Improvement Reissue Visible Damage

Floating Mill Records has been releasing some great stuff over the last few years, though most of it came from defunct projects. But, the label just signed on to re-release the incredible Self Improvement debut LP, Visible Damage. Over the course of ten tracks, you find yourself on pins and needles, riddle with anxiety as the band frantically throw down jagged riffs with jittering art-rock grooves. Jett’s vocals give you a bit of that spoken-post-punk vibe, though there seems to be a sort of sinister vibe to it, matching with the musical vibe punching through. I mean, the album is worth it alone for the incredible cover of Prodigy‘s “Firestarter.” Just spend some time with the release, and if you dig, then grab that re-issue right away!

Trouble in Mind Reissuing Onyon’s Debut

Did you hear Onyon‘s debut EP? Yeah, me either, but that’s the great thing about labels like Trouble in Mind Records, they’re not afraid to reissue a rad record, just so it ends up on your radar for the future. This record’s filled with jittery darkness, with vocals knifing back and forth between English and German, much like the guitars throughout the EP. If you think you’re getting weary of the post-punk attitude, then throw on a tune like “Shining River Utah” that illustrates how far the Leipzig bunch can push this sound. Shout out to TiM for turning all of us onto this rad album; you can hear the whole thing on the band’s page, or wait and grab the cassette from the label now!

Liars Announce Vinyl Reissue Series + Share New Video

This news has been floating around for a few days, but I really just wanted an excuse to post about my favorite Liars record. The band have announced they’ll be giving their back catalog the reissue treatment, though they’ll be doing it with recycled vinyl, which sounds like the right move considering all those toss away Adele record sitting at Target. While I know the band is predominantly Angus’ project nowadays, They Threw Us All in the Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top is a pretty spotless debut illustrating how incredible the group were. The reissue of this LP is out on July 22.

Tony Jay Shares Another Single from Hey There Flower

Recently we talked about how Tony Jay would be re-releasing Hey There Flower (originally on a small tape run via Paisley Shirt), and since a lot of folks haven’t heard the album, we’re here with another track that might turn you onto Mike Ramos’ songwriting. This particular track is a slow-burn, with the notes sort of hanging in the air like a bubble on the wind, floating endlessly into they disappear beyond you. Mike’s voice hangs deep inside the mix, like he’s singing to us from some dampened cavern, stirring your emotions as his voice drifts in and out of your consciousness. This track appears on the LP, which is out on vinyl on May 6th courtesy of Mt. St. Mtn; look for the band to hit the road with some dates this summer, including a run in July with our friend RE Seraphin.

Abby Gogo to Reissue Self-Titled LP via Double Phantom

Atlanta’s Abby Gogo always seemed to operate outside of everyone’s expectations. During their hey-day in the late 2000s, they’d drop a 7″ here, tour a little bit, get a record out, tour a slight bit more (including SXSW)…then they broke up. It’s kind of unfortunate, as their sound seems right in line with where we’re at with those true worshippers of psych influences (not the Tame Impala breed). But, worry no more! They’re going to reissue their debut self-titled LP. Interestingly, the record’s lead track seems to combine all the elements of cool, which is what I’ve got for you below. The guitars shatter and cascade into a messy crash through your speakers, fueled by this shaky madness that seems on the verge of losing control. Flip it onto the vocals and you get this more J. Spaceman vibe, offering up this supremely indifferent layer of cool that begs you to ignore the rest of the world and dive into Abby Gogo. Double Phantom will be reissuing the LP at the end of May.

Avail Reissue Satiate On Vinyl

I’m sure if you frequent our site, you’re likely thinking…what the hell? Avail? Well, the Richmond act was one of the staples of my young catalogue, and, I was fortunate to work for a band in the 00s that toured with them. They were kind and hilarious, and taught us sort of the rules of running your own life within the confines of the music biz…and for that I’m sure we’re all very grateful. So, now that Satiate is going to be back on vinyl, for the first time in 15 years no less, I reckoned I would toss it up here, as even on extra person picking it up helps a band. Plus, it rules. There’s still some of these songs I can sing every word to, which I’ll be honest, isn’t always the case anymore…but that’s a whole other digression on listening habits. Links to BUY are HERE.

Floating Mill Records Release 7″ from the Antelopes

If you’re a fan of the post-punk genre, but feel like you don’t have the time to really unearth all the hidden gems that have come down the line, might we suggest keeping an eye on Floating Mill Records. Having already turned me on to the Stick Figures, they’re back with the Antelopes, a London act that, like many, was gone far too soon! Today, the label release a 7″ that was originally released in the 80s, but they do so along with some new demos/live versions to accompany the release. I love the heavy guitar swirl on this track below, like a shadowy lurker hanging out behind singer Glenn Dallender’s heavy voice. The entrance of Tilly Vosburgh near the song’s back half is a welcome extra layer to the tune. Spend some time here today, and like I said, keep an eye on what the label is treating us to these days.

Citrus City Records to Reissue Kibi James’ Azucar EP

In case you haven’t been paying attention over the last few years, Citrus City Records has been one of the strongest DIY forces in the music game, so when they dig into the past to reissue something we missed, perhaps we should look into it! So here we are with Kibi James and their Azucar EP; its a five song affair of pop songs, fusing the band’s Latin heritage with modern pop trends like those bending dream pop guitars and cool spoken delivery. Today we’ve got a brand new lyric video done to announce the reissue, with the title perhaps name dropping Austin’s own DJ, so step into the wonderful world built just for you, handpicked out of the last few years by CC Records.

Ducks Unlimited = Ducks Ltd + New Tune

Not sure what the reasoning, though I’m assuming its legal issues, but Ducks Unlimited have decided to change their name to Ducks Ltd. What? Who cares? Well, for one, I do. But also, the name change comes with the signing to Carpark Records. That also comes with an added bonus, as the label will be reissuing the delightful Get Bleak EP (which I’ve raved about before), only with added bonus tracks. The tune features below features their solid jangling rocks, that sort of Billy Elliott toe-tapping fun, though I think the calming nature of the vocals is finally sinking in with more listens; it was always upbeat indiepop, but that soft underbelly is definitely resonating with this jam. Seriously, more people should make tunes like this. The reissue drops on May 21st.

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