Ageless Pop Stylings from Remote Places

remoteplacesThere are some brands of music that seem wholly set in their certain place in time; they seem to live in a moment, rather that making pop that transcends time…but not so with Remote Places. Sure, there are hints of hauntology, looking back at the club hits of the 80s, but the shimmering guitars and spinning melodies make the track perfectly vital in today’s time frame; it fits anywhere; it’s good anywhere, timeless. Look for the new Night and Weekends EP from Box Theory.

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Synth Pop from Remote Places

remoteI’m in party mode. It’s technically my Friday, so I’m ready for some club hits, and this track from Remote Places is hitting all the right notes. This is the synth-pop I grew up on; it’s the sort that won’t beat you over the head with over-production or huge bass drops. You want to swing your arms, shuffle your feet and maybe sing the lyrics at the top of your lungs while partying with your besties. You’lll find this hit, and a few others, on the Nights and Weekends EP, which is being released by Box Theory Records.