New Tune from Springtime Carnivore

heyprettyladyThere’s a reason you should close out your day with Springtime Carnivore this Friday.  For starters, this track is quite playful; the instrumentation allows for a slight bit of bounce.  But, you can add that to the smooth vocal performance of Greta Morgan.  She’s crafted some more solemn tunes, but this one really gives the listeners an energetic view at the pop she’s crafted in the studio with Richard Swift. It almost has a classic lounge feel to it, if you were to amp that style up a few notches.  The project of Morgan will release the self-titled album on November 4th via Autumn Tone Records.

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Fresh Music from Springtime Carnivore

summertimeGreta Morgan has got a nice bit producer working on her Springtime Carnivore album; Richard Swift might not have sold me on his participation in the Shins, but his production value is always spot on.  I think it adds a great level of musicianship to Morgan’s work here; her song is filled with little doses of ambient washes and hooky guitars.  It’s a bit of a contrast to most modern chanteuses, maintaining a lurking sensation for the vocals beneath the songwriting; invest your time for maximum reward.  Her self-titled album will be out November 4th on Autumn Tone Records featuring this tune below.

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Fresh Music from Tijuana Panthers

Tijuana_Panthers_Press_Photo_2-1024x682The word out of California is that Tijuana Panthers have perfected their sound; they’ve moved on from garage-rock roots to a more polished sound, thanks to Richard Swift who handled production duties on their latest record, Wayne Interest. There’s this great warmth to this single, moving along with a pretty chilled out guitar vibe.  Vocals come in, almost drifting, which is yet another reason I dig what’s being presented. You’ll be able to get the whole vibe from the band next week when their album hits the stores, courtesy of Innovative Leisure.

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Dreamy Pop Number from Pure Bathing Culture

It’s been a pretty busy week all around, and I almost let this one slip though my hands, that is until I saw that Pure Bathing Culture is comprised of members of Vetiver, a band we think highly of here around the house.  They’ve compiled four new songs that they recorded with Richard Swift, and that EP should come out on May 22nd via Father/Daughter Records.  While there’s a definite element of haziness at work here, I really love the quality of the vocal, with just a hint of raspy/smoky quality.  It will be interesting to see what a full length effort sounds like, but for now, this EP is doing just fine!


Download:Pure Bathing Culture – Ivory Coast [MP3]

Loud New Track from Mynabirds

Well, this track isn’t precisely a loud rocker, but it’s loud in the sense that the Mynabirds, and main songwriter Laura Burhenn, came across a lot quieter on their first effort.  Now the group is back with Generals, again produced by the excellent Richard Swift; you can get your hands on the ablum on June 5th via Saddle Creek Records.  According to our sources, the record revolves around the concept of political protests, which isn’t surprising considering she used to work with John Davis of DC’s Q and Not U.  Several listens in, and this feels a little bit like a political bent on the Kills–not a bad thing.  Give this one a taste, and be sure to check the group out at SXSW.


Download: The Mynabirds – Generals


More New Music from Richard Swift

We gave you the heads up on the new Walt Wolfman EP from our favorite Richard Swift, which just came out a day or so ago via the good folks over at Secretly Canadian.  Well, today, in case you weren’t able to make it to your local store, the label (and SPIN) tossed up another groovy track from the record. This one’s a bit different, using some ramshackle drumming to keep the beat while Swift sings atop it all.  I highly encourage you to get your hands on this work as soon as possible, giving Richard some much deserved love; it’s definitely an interesting, and enjoyable listen.


Download: Richard Swift – MG 333 [MP3]

New Jam From Richard Swift

I’ve been a big fan of Richard Swift and his music since he first started creating music for the world to hear at the beginning of this decade.  Well today I was sent a new song from Swift called “Whitman” which can be heard and downloaded below.  The song appears on a new EP called Walt Wolfman due out this fall on October 18th via Secretly Canadian.  If you have yet to get into this guy’s music, I suggest you do so now fool.


Download: Richard Swift – Whitman [MP3]

Other People’s Songs

Other People’s Songs is a short side recording project between ATH favorites Damien Jurado and Richard Swift.  The project was completed over a short weekend and features 9 cover songs.  All songs are available as a free stream and/or download.  I’d recommend checking out this brief project and enjoying the sweet jams.  Below you can check out “Hellow Sunshine” originally by the Relatively Clean Rivers.


Download: Other People’s Songs – Hello Sunshine [MP3]

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