George Share Perpetual Care Single

I wanted to drop something with a nice little bit of burning attitude this morning, so it’s great that there’s this rad little tune from Richmond’s George. It’s got the current vibe of brandishing 90s alternative rock through a modern lens, but there’s a bit more attitude and cool in the vocals of singer Katie Condon. Plus, there’s this feel that reverberates with every guitar note running through the song; each note carries this presence that takes these crunchy riffs and makes them hang in the air, ringing through your mind. In the end, there was just something in the mixture of nostalgia and charm that made me feel refreshed; the group will drop their new LP, Leave It, later this year.


New DarkWave Single From Keep

Though I just ran my Top Songs of the year yesterday, new tracks continue to come in that might just alter my list a little bit. Richmond based group Keep certainly have a push for, at the very least, top song of the month with this new single called “Dasani Daydream.” I think a large part of my infatuation with this song today comes with hearing something that offers a unique sound and fresh vibes when we can otherwise be inundated with the same ‘ol same ‘ol stuff. It mixes this sort of darkwave goth sound from a band like Chastity with small hints of shoegaze brightness here and there. It’s rad.

Keep will release new album Happy in Here on February 3rd via Honey Suckle Sound. Pre-orders are live now.

Catchy Rocker From Dazy

Sometimes when we music snobs tend to overcomplicate things, it’s refreshing to find a dude like Richmond, VA based James Goodson who can keep things simple and deliver short, catchy, rock tunes. Goodson records under the moniker Dazy and delivers garage rock tunes with direct focus and energy while packing a hell of a lot into his 2 minutes or less tunes. His new song, “On My Way” is a prime example of his songwriting style with a super rocking number that might be over by the time you finish this sentence. I’m here for it.

Dazy will release a new album entitled OUTOFBODY on October 28th via Lame-O Records.

Avail Reissue Satiate On Vinyl

I’m sure if you frequent our site, you’re likely thinking…what the hell? Avail? Well, the Richmond act was one of the staples of my young catalogue, and, I was fortunate to work for a band in the 00s that toured with them. They were kind and hilarious, and taught us sort of the rules of running your own life within the confines of the music biz…and for that I’m sure we’re all very grateful. So, now that Satiate is going to be back on vinyl, for the first time in 15 years no less, I reckoned I would toss it up here, as even on extra person picking it up helps a band. Plus, it rules. There’s still some of these songs I can sing every word to, which I’ll be honest, isn’t always the case anymore…but that’s a whole other digression on listening habits. Links to BUY are HERE.

Levi Douthit Announces Lucky Pennies

You can always rely upon Citrus City to bring the best tunes out of Richmond, much as he’s doing here with Levi Douthit‘s new album, Lucky Pennies. Today, we get to share the lead single with you, and it’s all sorts of special, for those looking for that solitary bedroom listen. To begin, I actually love the way he delays his vocal intro, just 20 seconds; it creates this tiny wrinkle in the formula which allows you to kind of hear Levi outside of the expectations of typical bedroom pop. As the song leads forward, the strum feels deep, offering this heavy-weighted feel that gets the perfect juxtaposition to the gentleness of Douthit’s vocals. The full record will drop on March 26th!

More From Doll Baby

As the month presses on, I am finding myself more and more a fan of Richmond based band Doll Baby. Already I posted the loud and raucous single “Alive”, which was a welcome introduction to the young upstarts. Now I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the band in a bit more of a mellow state with this new single “Softee”. It’s hard for me to put into words how much I love the vocal delivery of leading lady Julie Storey. She has this angry sort of restraint which is turned up and delivered with tons of growl and grit always at the perfect time. Sort of like a modern day Courtney Love if you will.

Doll Baby will drop The Hell Block EP on October 13th via Egghunt Records.

You’ve Got To Hear This Doll Baby Song

In the never ending quest to find something new and unique, it can sometimes become more painful than it should be. But then, hold the phone, a song like “Alive” from Richmond based Doll Baby and everything comes together. It’s a little bit of slower psych rock to start out, but wait for it, the song explodes about midway through and turns in to this slasher ready punk rock song. The vocal delivery from Julie Storey is about as good as it gets. For real.

Doll Baby have a new EP entitled Hell Block EP due out on October 13th via EggHunt Records.

Another Gem From Minor Poet

Way back in March I was very excited to discover new Richmond based artist Andrew Carter and his project known as Minor Poet. Well as promised back then, I’d be sharing more new music as it came my way. Today we’ve got this great new track called “Judith Beheading Holofernes” for your eagerly awaiting ears. Once again we are treated to a beautiful, lo-fi pop number worthy of multiple spins.

A self-titled debut album will be coming from Minor Poet on August 25th via Egghunt Records.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=00aabb&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

You Should Check Out Big Baby

Right around this time last year I shared some news about indie pop masters Young Scum from Richmond, VA. Since then, I’ve heard very little from the band, and assumed maybe they had called it quits. As it turns out, not to be so, as the guys reformed under the new name Big Baby. Their new project already has an albums worth of material and they sent me over an exclusive preview via recently released single “Not That”. Once again we are treated to some of the most delightful and memorable indie pop currently being released. If you dig it, new album Sour Patch is currently available on their bandcamp page.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=250339158 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 track=3836570390]

Melodic Pop Number From Minor Poet

Andrew Carter has spent the last couple of monthswholed up in his basement writing, recording, and playing every instrument for his new project called Minor Poet. Andrew begins to share samples of his hard work today with this fancy new song “Plot Devices”. The track certainly has a Pet Sounds vibe to it with the swirling vocals and bright drums dropping in from time to time in the background. This track serves as a preview of more to come in an album being released later this year. We’ll keep ya posted.

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