Great New Tune From Angel Olsen

511I hope you’ll enjoy this great new tune  called “Forgiven/Forgotten” coming your way from female rocker Angel Olsen.  Now at times, some might try to say that the ladies can’t rock with their male counterparts, but I’d say that this tune begs to differ.  It’s a great, washed out, rock n rollin’ number that’s worthy of repeat listens.

New album, Burn Your Fire For No Witness, is due out February 18th on JagJaguWar Records.

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Rowdy Rock From White Lung

White_Lung_KateBrown2_1When your Friday is dragging along and seemingly never ending, have yourself a listen to this new joint “Down with You” from White Lung.  It’s sure to put a pep in your step with it’s loud, fast, and fun rockin’ style.  Pay attention though, because it’s over after a short 1:48 run.  Plenty of time to brighten your day and lead you into the weekend.

This track appears on a new 7″ coming your way on October 28th via Deranged Records.

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Noise Rock From Young Mammals

389868_10150534123080912_1744921978_nSomehow Houston band Young Mammals has yet to be featured on this here website, and that’s just a shame when such a talented band is living in your backyard.  These guys craft their very own stye of noisy, distorted guitar heavy, rockin’ music.  What I’m sure is many reader’s first exposure to the band, “Build a House”, can be found below.  You’ll find that’s equal parts catchy and gritty all at the same time.

This track appears on a new 7″ coming out on November 5th via Odd Hours


Download: Young Mammals – Build A House [MP3]


Shark? Mellow Us Out

sharkBrooklyn based Shark? is a band who have become well known for their interesting take on the updated garage rock/loud guitar genre.  As Rocky once said however, everyone can change right?  This new track from the band, “Wither”, is certainly a bit of something different sonically when compared to other songs.  Personally, I think it’s a great little acoustic based ballad that will surely fit in nicely with all the other rockin’ tunes on the band’s upcoming album Savior.  You can pick that one up on October 1st via Old Flame Records.

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Rock Out With The Callas

the-callasHere’s a great little rock n roll number from Greek rock band The Callas called “Anger”.  The song title is appropriate, as the song seems to have a bit of power and anger driving the force through the song.  Who knew the Greeks could rock?!

New album Am I Vertical? is due out November 19th on Inner Ear Records.

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Summer Rock with The Denzels

denzelsI’ve posted on the Denzels, so it only seems fitting that I’m running their new single.  Almost from the get-go you can feel the energy, as they blast off into a quick-paced jam that speeds  through in less than 2.5 minutes.  The vocals have a nice bit of grainy darkness to them, which really shows that you can blend the line between lo-fo garage rock and pop sensibility; this is definitely the rock of the future.  As of now, the band’s working on new material after last years Easy Tiger EP. We’ll keep you posted as more news comes our way.

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More New Music From Dead Stars

deadstarsJust last week, ATH shared a new song from Brooklyn based outfit Dead Stars called “So What”.  That track perked up our ears towards the band and now we have another great tune from the guys entitled “Waste Away.  You’ll notice that it’s cut from the same loin with rockin’ guitars and a power driving force behind the all too catchy chorus.  Anyone not paying attention to the band last week, better get on board now.

New EP High Gain is coming your way on June 4th via Uninhabitable Mansions.


Download: Dead Stars – Waste Away [MP3]

Live Presidents of the United States Jam

Presidents-Of-The-USAWhat? Why post about POTUSA? Well, because I can, right?  That and I think the band might be one of the most underrated acts of all time.  Their first three records were filled with fun rock jams you could sing to no matter the time of day.  It was no frills rock: no bull shit. They’ve recently started to play a bunch of shows in the North, so they decided to release an EP with a bunch of live and acoustic versions of the hits.  This is one of my favorites, and I think it’s a perfect tune to push you into the weekend. “Fuck you kitty-o.”


Download: Presidents of the USA – Kitty (Live) [MP3]

Hold Your B.S. by Summer People


Our amigos over at the BV alerted us to the greatness that is this new song “I Do What I Want” from NYC based Summer People.  Now the title of my post says “Hold Your B.S.” because I feel that’s exactly what this song is telling the listener to do.  It’s straight forward rock/punk rock with a who really gives a shit type of attitude.  I don’t know about you, but I can always go along with those feelings from time to time.

Fans of the tuneage can stay tuned for the April 23rd release date of the band’s new album Burn the Gems.

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Survival Knife Don’t Mess Around


As if you couldn’t tell by their name, Washington based Survival Knife are not a band that plan on wasting your time with their musical delivery.  These guys, and one gal, get right down to business from the get go with some very fast, loud, and in your face rock n roll that fits in extremely well with label mates like Obits or King Tuff.  The new song I have for you below “Name That Tune” plays exactly how I just described the band; the guitars are loud and it’s full of non bullshit styles.  I digs it.

This song appears on a brand new 7″ single coming your way on Sub Pop Records March 13th.  A pre-order for the record is up now.

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