Last Week’s Jams, Today (5.9 – 5.13)

You’ve waited all weekend for the quick and easy recap of all the sweet tunes we hit up last week. We started off the week really strong with a bunch of stuff, but somehow, it feels like we kind of sputtered to a close, just sprinkling a tune here and there. Still, we managed to get 20 great tunes you should enjoy in your first hour of the morning. We start it off with the absolute banger from Say Sue Me, then have some more experimental works from the likes of Sinaive and Double Vanity. Plus, we’ve got a new track from our friend Lizzy Lehman produced by S. Houser and Jim Eno of Spoon. Turn it up and get your day started.

Stuff That Slipped By….Looking Back on Last Week

So, it’s a busy time over here. End of the school year. TEA demands state testing, which means no breaks or off periods. So, a few things slipped by me last week, things I love and would have covered. So, here they are, with quick notes on why you should listen. So, go ahead and do that.

Time ShareYellow EP

Jordan from Pop Filter/Ocean Party is no stranger on this site. His great new EP dropped last week, produced by Snowy, who funnily enough, we actually hung out with last week.

James WaveySnowy Beach

James an exciting poet, songwriter, who just dropped this record via Dandy Boy Records. It falls in the line somewhere between King Krule or Cody Chestnutt, but with more of a rap focus; it’s for those of you looking to take your hip-hop just a little further.

Emma KupaVisitation 03 01 EP

I’ve been writing about Emma for as long as I can remember being introduced to her songwriting. This go round she sat down to craft a handful of tunes with little more than her guitar and moving emotions.

Rose MercieKieres Agua

This band is so incredible, and I’m increasingly shocked after spending time with this record that more folks aren’t fawning over them. If there was a record to listen to laying on the floor of your room, then surely this is the one.



Last Week’s Jams, Today (4.25 – 4.29)

There were some great new tunes last week, and I certainly can’t get enough of some of the LPs that dropped, which we pointed you towards on Friday. The Dehd track that hit last week is for sure one of their best of late, but I’m still really partial to jamming to that Guy Capecelatro III album. Some intriguing tunes from the likes of Maria Chiara Argiro, Team Play and Rose Mercie make a nice appearance in this weeks track-listing, plus there’s a bunch of other tunes to get you started on Monday morning.

Rose Mercie Share Sweet Place Video

I’m still pulling for Rose Mercie‘s new album to make some waves in the US this go round, and maybe this new single will do the trick for some folks. Obviously, the song flirts with the darkened corners of pop music, but I like the way it sort of manipulates the pace to work against our modern expectations. In a way, the drums roll across, but they seem to sort of bob and weave there, and the vocals ride that wave, like a lost ship at sea. In terms of the vocals, I love how there are added textural vocal layers added as the song progresses, adding a certain fullness to what’s at play in the song. Their new album Kieres Agua will be released by Jelodanti and Celluloid Lunch next week!

Rose Mercie Prep Kieres Agua LP

In 2018, Rose Mercie released this beautiful self-titled album with various labels, but namely Austin’s now-defunct Monofonus; it was a brilliant record that would have gotten much more praise had it been more “Americanized.” Well, here we are a few years later and the band have Kieres Agua on wait, and I’ve got this brilliant opening piece here to entice your ears. This track would fit well on a Mexican Summer roster, slowly building over these desert-like guitar riffs, with little adventurous noodles playfully contrasting the sedate nature at the forefront. It’s a bewitching opener from their next LP, which looks to be out at the end of May via Celluloid Lunch and Jelodanti, so here’s to hoping more folks fall for it.

Don’t Overlook Rose Mercie

There’s a million songs a day coming to most of us, so you’ve got to dig a little deep to find some real gems. That’s how I stumbled upon French outfit Rose Mercie, who are preparing for the release of their self-title debut. Some outlets have thrown in comparisons to the Raincoats or The Shangri-Las, and all are fair, but there’s definitely a more modern twist around here. Just listen to the guitar on the track below; its angular and spirited, but presented in a casual fashion…akin to a dozen modern acts over here in the States. If you’re hoping to find some pop music on the unique side of things, then this is where you should go. Their debut is being released by SDZ Recordsand Monofonus Press on March 2nd.