Nathan’s Favorite Oceanic Albums of 2017

For the 8 or so people who read this blog on the regular, you’ll likely be aware of my affection for all things Oceanic, primarily New Zealand and Australia. So, with year end lists in mind, I thought I’d offer up my personal takes on the best tunes to come out of the area in 2017. There’s no particular order, just my sixteen favorites of the year.

There’s even a fun little playlist at the bottom for you to enjoy!


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Give a Listen to RVG

Another day and another Aussie act giving us tunes that pervade our listening experience…this time it’s RVG (Romy Vager Group). Musically, you’ll hear similarities to a lot of the modern acts, as well as the endearing sounds of their forebears. I love Romy’s accent-inflected Lou Reed impression, delivering poetry in a matter of fact manner. There’s also this bright little moment right at the 2.02 minute mark where the guitar churns a little brighter, ringing out with this infectious melody. Their album A Quality of Mercy will be released on October 20th!