Marika Christine Releases Apricot

What the hell are they funneling into the water in San Francisco?! Marika Christine is another artist from the Bay Area whose craft is totally fascinating. On the surface, Christine’s vocal is the star, as that’s utilized to lift the song up and down, providing movement as it goes. But, that being said, I’m captivated by the various styles that are being brought in and out of the tune; you get little hints of bossanova, little hints of jazz and dabs of electronica, all of which gets spun around a pop centric little circle to enjoy. This tune will be on Marika’s new album, a reminder to push your pop music!

Black Thumb Share Low

It seems one cannot go through a single week around these parts without getting into something rad coming from San Francisco, like Black Thumb. While I can hear the sonic similarity, particularly in the way the song’s pace works out, I think one thing I really love is that there’s this natural clarity that comes through in the songwriting. The synth/organs hang behind the mix, while the guitar seems to operate in unison with the drums, both giving the tune a bit of foundation for the voice. I love the added textural layer of backing vocals near the song’s end, perfectly encapsulating all my pop dreams in one closing moment. The band release The Flying Propeller Group on April 7th via Dandy Boy Records.

Cindy Announce Why Not Now LP

For all the bands that the masses adore, it makes zero sense to me that Cindy isn’t up there in that upper echelon of indie rock. Perhaps they’re too careful or too quiet, but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to continue to immerse myself in everything they do musically. The video below accompanies the news that the band will release Why Not Now on April 14th, which will likely continue to spin at my house throughout the entirety of the year. There’s something about how the band feel so studied in their craft; there’s not a single note that seems out of place, as if they’ve structurally engineered the perfect pop song. It moves slowly, sure, but carries this solemnity in its melody that I find magnetic. If you’ve not been able to indulge in this band, then by all means, stop waiting. Why Not Now will come out via Mt. St. Mtn. and Tough Love Recordings.

Stream Galore’s Blush EP

There’s only one thing wrong with the new Blush EP from Galore; it’s only five songs! We ran “New Living” last week, and honestly, if I had held up our sites Top Tracks, this song would definitely have made it in there; it’s got just right jangle. Running through the rest of the EP, you’ll find the quartet playing with a little more space, letting the song’s have a bit of room to breath, like in “Ladders.” That track has a crisp guitar line, and the vocals seem to completely shine on the listener like rays of sunlight breaking through the San Fran fog. Honestly, this is a great way to just spend your morning on repeat. Blush EP is available now through Paisley Shirt/Safe Suburban Home.


Galore Share Video for New Living + Announce Blush EP

Generally speaking, Friday’s always seem to carry with them a bit of yearning, and perhaps you’ve found the soundtrack to your yearning below by way of this fresh new single from San Francisco’s Galore. They’ve just announced their Blush EP, with this striking single, with the promise that the five new songs come across with a bit more “arthouse, droney sound” being employed. You can hear that here, as there’s a crisp jangle, albeit one that seems a touch decaffeinated at first. Still, the quartet finds a way to punctuate their sound, punching up the volume a bit at the 1:22 to mark, allowing overlapping vocals and a heavier texture to sort of raise the bar on vibe. Even with that kick, the band still manage to take another twist, keeping that textured feel, but bringing back a sense of longing, only coming from the vocals in the song’s latter half. All of this is set to a wonderful camping adventure shot at Point Reyes National Seashore by the band’s own Ava Rosen. The Blush EP comes your way on Friday the 16th, courtesy of Paisley Shirt Records and Safe Suburban Home. Pre-Order HERE!

Blues Lawyer Share Chance Encounters

It’s been a few years since we’ve gotten our hands on a solid Blues Lawyer LP, but it looks like 2023 will finally bring us all a little bit of joy by way of All in Good Time. Feedback opens the door for pounding rhythm sections to toss us right into the mix, with the guitars knifing in form the distance and steadying the noise simultaneously. You’ll find the vocals hanging themselves out to dry on this pure pop clothesline; there are certain notes just dangling on the ends with this joyous melody. There’s even a little aid from backing vocals, all before the song wrestles with a furious stomp that helps bring it to a close; it’s rad to see the band not missing a beat despite a little bit of an absence. They drop the new LP on February 17th via Dark Entries.

Stream Two New Tracks from the Ovens Reissue

While the world might not be entirely aware of Ovens and their history, the indie world surely knows of Tony Molina and his gifted songwriting. He released several great LPs via Slumberland and has since dropped a few more, but we’re here to talk about his earlier work in Ovens. The San Fan band are getting the reissue of their work via Tankcrimes, and there’s now two more tracks available from the collection. Honestly, you’d be best suited to jump to Bandcamp and play these songs in succession. They’re perfectly matched, “Good Idea” offering Tony’s softer side, teasing his craft of melody before jumping right into the ripper that is “Bad Day.” The Ovens collection drops on December 2nd.

Aluminum Share Red & Gold Single

In just about a week, Dandy Boy Records will release Aluminum‘s Windowpane EP, but before that hits, there’s another single you definitely want to get running through your mind. Whereas the core of “Windowpane” was a little bit pop oriented, with a heavy rock center, “Red & Gold” holds nothing back, tearing through your speakers as soon as you press play. You’re greeted with a wall of rushing noise, pushing the song’s into your face as riffs rip though. But, while the pace doesn’t slow, Marc and Ryann enter the fray, trading vocal lines to bring in this melodic balance that gives your ears a momentary respite. In between those sweet moments you get huge riffs shattering your ear drums; it’s like a noise rock Oreo cookie, so take a bite and enjoy the sugary melodic center! Windowpane EP is out on 12″ next Friday, October 7th.

Cindy Share New Single from Typical Girls Compilation

We’re hoping that the long-running Typical Girls series from Emotional Response is on your radar; it’s a collection dedicated to all the incredible women in the independent music scene, with a little nod to the Slits. Today, we get bonus good news, as not only has the label announced Typical Girls Vol. 6, but they’ve done it by letting us share this incredible new gem from San Francisco’s Cindy, who we’ve raved about for several years. Honestly, I was looking for the perfect description, but songwriter Karina seems to have captured the sentiment perfectly, saying this songs feels “like there’s room built into the structure to move around in as a listener;” it’s a sentiment that resonates with the band’s powerful pop presence coinciding with the striking simplicity at hand, all of it creating this huge emotional weight that soaks you. Typical Girls Vol. 6 will be out on October 28th, with other heavy hitters like The Linda Lindas, Lande Hekt, Fake Fruit and more taking part. Grab it from Emotional Response today!

Almond Joy Share Candy Single

It’s a K Records kind of week around these parts, with that excellent Ribbon Stage jam yesterday, and today, I’m really excited to share the latest from San Francisco’s Almond Joy. The group have scheduled their Oh Henry EP for a September release, and this first listen is like sitting by a crackling little fire at camp singing with all your best friends. It’s got this quieted vibe to it, but the vocal work throughout is enough to bring sweet melodies to the forefront. Those voices intertwine and untangle, leaving behind a trail of endearing sweetness that begs repeat listens. You’ll get that chance when K Records drops the Oh Henry EP on September 30th.

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