ATX Spotlight: Brand New Jess Williamson

jessJust a few years ago, I raved about Jess Williamson‘s album, Native State, so it’s really exciting to hear that her newest effort, Heart Song, is set for release on November 4th. At play here is the strength of Jess’ voice, which gets some great punctuation by her supporting cast…check the 2 minute mark for a burst of sound that surrounds the calming vocal. I think that’s probably one of the most overlooked pieces about her work; the accents, be they drum rolls or billowing cymbals, are arranged in such a manner that one really does get the sensation that Williamson is truly a Texas artist. Looking forward to the entirety of this new LP.

Indie Pop Friday with Just Handshakes

841230_10151385453640805_840043184_oWhat a great way to wrap up a really good week in music! Just Handshakes are readying their debut full-length, Say It, but in the meantime, they’re offering up a nice glimpse via their new single from Bleeding Gold Records.  There’s definitely some nostalgic leanings in this track, but that aside, it’s just a glistening pop tune with a wonderful female vocal eager to make the world swoon.  If you can make it all the way through this track without letting a smile creep upon your face, then I do believe there is something wrong with you sir! Enjoy your weekend folks.

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New Music From Born Ruffians

Canadians Born Ruffians are returning in 2010 with the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2008 debut Red, Yellow & Blue.  Their new album, Say It, will be hitting stores on June 1st via Warp Records just in time for summer.  First single from the upcoming LP can be found for your listening pleasure below.


Download: Born Ruffians – Sole Brother [MP3]