Last Week’s Jams, Today (5.9 – 5.13)

You’ve waited all weekend for the quick and easy recap of all the sweet tunes we hit up last week. We started off the week really strong with a bunch of stuff, but somehow, it feels like we kind of sputtered to a close, just sprinkling a tune here and there. Still, we managed to get 20 great tunes you should enjoy in your first hour of the morning. We start it off with the absolute banger from Say Sue Me, then have some more experimental works from the likes of Sinaive and Double Vanity. Plus, we’ve got a new track from our friend Lizzy Lehman produced by S. Houser and Jim Eno of Spoon. Turn it up and get your day started.

Say Sue Me Share No Real Place Single

South Korea’s Say Sue Me has written a lot of great tracks over the years, but for my ears, this might be one of the tops, if not THE top. I love the energetic roll in that begins immediately, with Sumi’s voice hitting you right away, speedily delivering the relatable lyrical content about missing someone. There’s this natural hook that’s superseding everything else around the song, but that doesn’t mean that the thumping drums or the dancing guitar work go unnoticed; it’s just hard to focus as you’re so seduced by the incessant joy jumping through your speakers. The band release The Last Thing Left this Friday via Damnably!

Last Week’s Jams, Today (4.18 – 4.22)

Lot’s of really great stuff last week, so we’re here, as we always are, revisiting our coverage from last week, that way you can catch up…or at least have a sweet playlist to enjoy. Some cool new stuff last week from perennial favorites like Flasher and Say Sue Me, plus excellent news that there’s a new CLAMM record on the way. Plus, I hadn’t been to a traveling show, aside from SXSW, so I was stoked to get out of the house and catch Dummy absolutely rip over at Hotel Vegas, so I threw in a nice little jam from the band’s Mandatory Enjoyment. It’s Monday; here’s tunes you might have missed.

Say Sue Me Drop To Dream Video

I love the sentiment of this new Say Sue Me track, with Sumi saying “I dreamed everyone was alive, and I came to think that there might be no end. One day everyone will come back and meet somewhere.” That feeling sort of pervades throughout the song, as the guitar work slightly dances in the mix, but the track seems to kind of flow back and forth like waters washing ashore during a calm in the sea. Something about it just feels nostalgic and reflective, but when the middle hits and the distorted guitar rips through the tune, it feels like the sun breaks in and shines that light where we all find ourselves as one, somewhere. The group release The Last Thing Left on May 13th via Damnably.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (3.21-3.25)

Been a hot minute since we compiled all our weekly jams into one nice little playlist for you, but here we are again, wrapping up last week on a Monday. We’ve got tons of great jams in store, with some of the latest releases also featured. Austin gets some love, with singles/videos from Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Queen Serene and Blood (kind of/sort of). We also ran some new videos from the likes of Red Pants and Breakup Haircut, not to mention the newest jams from Jeanines and Say Sue Me…so you know, this playlist is going to be your jams.

Say Sue Me Return with The Last Thing Left

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve gotten anything fresh from South Korea’s Say Sue Me, but today that all changes with the announcement of a brand new LP, the Last Thing Left. This first single comes with an incredible fun video, with characters utilizing imaginary objects throughout. As for the song, well its nothing short of sunny pop, something that hits all the right notes for a Spring hit. The band still employ catchy melodies, though I like how this tune seems to have a little more openness to it, letting the melody and the hook build in the ear of the listener. If this single’s anything to go by, and you look at Where We Were Together, we’re all in for a treat when The Last Thing Left drops on May 13th via Damnably.

Best of Indiepop 2018

Everyone has their own definition of indiepop; but I tend to ascribe to the original craft where DIY aesthetics and a softer response to punk were all the rage. But, to each their own. So I went through last year to compile what I think is a pretty all encompassing Best of Indiepop 2018; there’s no order, just a collection of really great indiepop. Some of the below are songs, some are albums, some are just bands or labels that were important. Click on for my picks and a playful playlist. Read more

Love The New Single from Say Sue Me

Where We Were Together played on my stereo for a good bit of this Spring…and luckily I was able to catch Say Sue Me in a quiet room during SXSW. Now, the Korean quartet are right back it with their brand new single for Damnably. For those that recall the jangling guitar pop, the A-side might give you a glimpse at a band forging their own ground. There’s something far more thoughtful in the presentation alone; the song expands near six minutes, with the front end of the track delivered in a casual pop manner. You can hear a slightly heavier sound in the distance of the song, but it doesn’t really kick in until just after the 3 minute mark, blasting off into some semi-Madchester zone. Look for this great song on the new 7″, out August 24th.

SXSW Awards – 2018

Your friendly neighborhood ATH staff members have emerged from SXSW week and I think we’re all finally ready to reminiscence on what transpired. As we’ve done in the past, it seems like a perfect time to hand out some awards for the festival with superlatives that we made up like 5 minutes ago. Keep in mind we saw a lot of bands, had a bit to drink, and ventured out to more venues than we can possibly remember. So buckle up, hit the jump and see who we deemed worthy and deserving of our very prestigious awards.

Read more

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