Marissa Paternoster Shares I Lost You

One of the great things about a songwriter you love going solo, even for a one-off, is that they get to spend the narrative of their craft in an entirely new direction. Such is the case with Marissa Paternoster‘s latest single from her forthcoming solo album, Peace Meter. On the first single, you could hear some sort of tethering to Screaming Females, but in the latest track, you’ve got to really peel back the layers to get to the core. Honestly, the voice carries a lot of the mood, accented by a tight little drum beat; its only as the song unfolds in the latter half that you really get to hear the guitar kind of make its case. I actually love the fact that it feels nothing like Marissa’s work, yet definitely feels tied to her work as you come to the song’s end; I hope she keeps pushing herself, which we’ll find out when Peace Meter hits via Don Giovanni.

Marissa Paternoster Announces Peace Meter

Seeing as I love Screaming Females, I was super excited to hear that Marissa Paternoster would be releasing her debut solo effort; we got news today that Peace Meter will be out via Don Giovanni on December 3rd. On the opening single, we get Marissa marching through a cemetery as she repeats the chorus of “your feathers soaked in blood.” The imagery is striking, but what really hits home is the construction of the song as a whole. There’s this patience that’s evolved in Pastnoster’s songwriting, based on this calmed guitar strum, allowing her to maximize this huge wall of emotion; it’s buoyed by the production and added arrangements from Andy Gibb (of Thou). It’s a pretty powerful opening statement from a record we’re sure to adore.

Here’s Another MOURN Single

mornYoung Spanish act MOURN burst into our world of awareness a few weeks ago when it was announced that the youngsters had just signed onto Captured Tracks.  Now we get another glimpse at the hot commodity coming from our Iberian friends.  You’ll hear a little quiver in the vocals, which reminds me of Screaming Females, though I think there’s a bounce and twang to the rest of the group that allows the band to stand on their own two legs. It definitely amazes me how a group so young can make tunes so accessible and in the now at such a young age.  You can grab MOURN next year in February.



Show Preview: Screaming Females @ Red 7 (Tonight)

screamingfemalesIt should be no surprise to anyone that we recommend this show to you, as every band that’s gracing the stage tonight has graced our pages on more than one occasion.  Screaming Females are the headliner on the evening, and Marissa Paternoster is probably one of the strongest women in rock n’ roll.  Her voice, her performance, it all comes from a tiny little body, and it’ll blow yo away.  PUJOL deserves some love too, bringing his garage rock stylings with a ferocity and catchiness all his own.  But, just because two huge traveling acts are bringing some noise, doesn’t mean Austin can’t hold its own.  The openers Crooked Bangs and the Midgetmen are two long-standing ATH faves, so please show up early to support our friends.  Tickets will cost you $14 at the door, which opens at 9 PM.


Download: Screaming Females – I Don’t Mind It [MP3]


Screaming Females Rock Again!

screamingfemalesI know this tune’s been all over the place, but it’s really hard for me to support one of my favorite artists, Screaming Females.  Rock n’ roll’s tiniest bad ass just belts note after note throughout the track, while her band set the landscape for a metal stomper that prepares to rupture your ears.  Personally, I love the way Marissa Paternoster plays with her lyrical delivery, often drawing out notes and syllables.  You can find this metal burner on a new split 7″ the band recently put out with Tenement.  So glad Marissa is feeling better and the band is back at rocking.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

More New Tunes from Modern Hut

HutPromo1.1I can’t say enough about how much I am enjoying Modern Hut right now. This new track from the songwriter features the voice of Screaming Females frontwoman, Marissa Paternoster, who just happens to be the most bad ass girl in rock n’ roll right now.  The duo have written a song that reminds me of a more serious version of The Moldy Peaches, with the focus on the lyrics here much more serious than something like “Who’s Got the Crack.”  It makes for a special listen, providing more anticipation for Generic Treasure, which hits stores on August 6th via Don Giovanni Records.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Top Albums of 2012: 100-51

It’s really hard to narrow down a list of Top Albums of 2012, especially when you have four contributors with different opinions.  We gave the reins to Nathan.Lankford and Nicole Baumann on this one, since they write the majority of the album reviews, but we all have a little representation within this.  Now, we do realize that our site has specialized tastes, so please realize that these are our OPINIONS.  You’re welcome to disagree, and, in fact, we encourage that process.  Also, we’re doing a Top 100 because so many records came out this year, it wouldn’t be fair to narrow it down.  Not to mention it might lead you to discover some hits you hadn’t heard about yet. Oh, and we don’t really like Frank Ocean or hip-hop…just a personal choice…here’s the first segment.

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Chaos in Tejas Preview: Screaming Females

UPDATE: Apparently Marrissa had to cancel due to illness, but we’ll leave this up because we love the band. We’re just a few short days away from Chaos in Tejas, but we still have a few bands we think should be on your radar. Screaming Females is one such act, and one that you surely have to be aquainted with by this point…but if not, here’s the good word.

The New Jersey trio have been working tirelessly since o5/06, with five full lengths to their name–including this year’s excellent, Ugly LP. There’s all kinds of ways you can label the band, from punk to garage to perhaps metal (if you consider their recent tour with Tragedy), but the band has one key element that makes them something entirely unique, something you might consider a spectacle; they have Marissa Paternoster.

Marissa is probably one of the most unassuming women in rock n’ roll, that is until you catch the band live.  She stands about 5 foot tall, average fashion sense, almost shy in appearance.  But, when she steps onto the stage, something transforms her into one of the most powerful women in rock n’ roll.  She slings her guitar around as she furiously strums, and that voice, dear lord that voice.  I remember the first time I caught the group as they were opening for Ted Leo a few years back (and you all know I love Ted) and she almost blew Ted off the stage.  This by no means indicates that Jarrett and Mike (the other two) don’t own their instruments as well, but if you’re looking for a live performance that will change the way you look at music, then you don’t need to go any further than by watching Screaming Females.  I promise you, if you want to catch one band, it’s this one.


Download: Screaming Females – Expire [MP3]

Show Preview: Tragedy (w/ Screaming Females) @ Red 7 (5/4)

Date Friday, May 4th
Location Red 7
Doors 900p
Tickets $10 from Transmission

Tragedy, Criaturas and Impalers typically play a harder bit of rock n’ roll than what we generally cover over here at ATH, but I wanted to toss this up so as to spread a little more love on one of our favorite acts, Screaming Females.  The band is on the road, touring to support their recent album, Ugly.  Not only has the album (and the band) won lots of praise, but they have perhaps one of the strongest front women I’ve ever seen at the helm. Marissa Posternoster comes in a tiny package, but man, what a punch.  You’ve got to see her belt out the licks to completely understand, so even if you’re not into the rest of the line-up, you need to stop by and see Screaming Females. But, don’t fret, the group will be back soon for Chaos in Tejas–we’ll have more on that later.


Download:Screaming Females – Expire [MP3]


New Rocker From Screaming Females

Thank you friends over at The Gum for pointing us to this new jamming tune “Expire” from Screaming Females.  It’s full of all the great things you should love about the band.  A new album, Ugly, is due out on April 3rd via Don Giovanni Records.  The band also has some must see dates coming up in Austin on May 4th @ Red 7 and on June 1st @ Beauty Ballroom for Chaos in Tejas.


Download: Screaming Females – Expire [MP3]

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