Pia Fraus Release Sunny Afternoon Single

For a band so rooted in the Estonian rock scene, it’s been really great listening to all the various changes in the sounds of the new Pia Fraus record. Sure, I can hear where their latest “Sunny Afternoon” flirts with bits of dream pop or even that sort of psychedelic tinged pop (a la Stereolab). But, even with those nods, which mostly come from the musical element, the track takes on a jazzier bit of focus, spinning into this grand territory where you feel like you’re just sailing away on vacation, drifting out to see with nothing but the sun on your back. Can’t wait to hear it all pieced together when they drop Evening Colours on July 28th via Seksound.

Dreamy Piece from Imandra Lake

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve heard from Imandra Lake, with the band last releasing new music in 2015. But, there’s a brand new track to open your day here, and in perfect fashion, it’s like rubbing the sleep from your eyes and you adjust to the sunlight creeping in your window. The song moves slowly, with drum work put down by John McIntire of Tortoise, while Rein and Eve texture the song with dreamy vocal notes that float through the tune like wispy clouds on a windy day. Listening closely, you can hear the song elevate to these bright moments, providing contrast to the heavier tones that adorn the majority of the track. It’s available via Seksound!

Pia Fraus Share Hidden Parks

I was really blown away by 2017’s Field Ceremony (Shelflife), the last long player from Estonian outfit Pia Fraus. Since then, they’ve slowly begun to round out the noisier bits into this really beautiful dream pop; it’s the sort that takes all these little atmospheric layers and bundles them together in tiny little pop nuggets. For instance, the vocals almost seem to match, and then again they almost don’t; they seem like these ethereal echoes dancing around one another, which works sublimely with the feathery jangle of the guitars. As I’m writing this, the weather’s damp and rainy, and nothing else seems more fitting than this tune. The band have a new 5 track EP scheduled for early next year via Seksound, but in the meantime, head to their site and hear some remixes of this single!

Another Track from the New Pia Fraus LP

Just a week or so ago, we brought you the delightful tune from a brand new Pia Fraus LP, building anticipation for the band’s forthcoming release. Already there’s a new single floating about, and this is precisely the moment when you fall in love with the group. This single doesn’t push the envelope too far, choosing to pull in their shoegaze tendencies, slightly, in favor of a carefully plodding melodic track. Don’t get me wrong, the guitars at times reach their full distortion, almost as if they’re getting dragged through a space antenna, yet the repeated phrase of “its over now” lingers long after the song fades. Field Ceremony will be released by Shelflife on October 13th in the US.


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