Ecstatic International Share Disruptor + Release EP

This new track from Ecstatic International has been bouncing about for a few days, but I wanted to be sure I gave it some love, particularly on a Wednesday when we could all use a little kick in the middle of the work week. The band is made up of ex-members of Ex Hex and Priests, so they’ve got the indie cred resume established, but I’m more intrigued by their sound. This single flirts with a bit of post-punk that seems to rely equally on elements of punk as it does disco; it’s like a more primal version of the early Rapture. There’s some obvious references working through the tune, but I’ll let you sit back and enjoy yourself. Their self-titled EP is out there in the world via Sister Polygon Records.

Iceblynk Share Debut Single, Tragic

The opening moment of the debut Iceblynk single grabbed me immediately; it teased me as if I was going to fall head over heels into the land of dense post-punk with wee little jangles. But, the song sort of evolves into something more spiritual, just on the cusp of dreaminess. When Andrea Lynn’s vocals hit, it sort of sets the song spinning differently; she’s got these sharp tones that seem to contrast with the vibe, but their ethereal nature ends up punctuating the bits and pieces that bring the song together. The song’s fade out really ups the ante too, so be sure to dive into the drama. The band will release their self-titled debut EP on October 21st!

Michael Beach Shares Only a Memory

I feel like Michael Beach‘s new record is like my own personal birthday party, with each song a new little gift waiting to be unwrapped. Today’s single is a melancholy ballad built upon a piano ballad, moving gradually as Beach carefully narrates with a solemn vocal performance. You get these discordant little elements of interlude in the song’s latter half, building on the promise that we’re going to get a little bit of experimental mood pieces collected for this new release. There’s this great little emphatic moment just before the 2 minute mark that I really appreciated, adding some punctuation to the tune too, so listen closely there. The self-titled EP will be out on September 30th via Goner/Poison City.

Kramies Share Owl and the Crow Video

If you’re looking for that emotionally transportive tune for your day, then might I suggest you invest a little bit of time in this new track from Kramies. Both the video and the song begin in sort of a dense fog, a sort of blur on the edges of an acoustic strum, setting you up for a track that will weave its way in and out of your speakers. An emphatic chorus gives off a heavenly little buzz, aided by an accompanying vocal accent; it allows for the song to push the limits of your expectations, feeling the tune swell through your speakers despite the intimate nature of the acoustic strum. There’s something haunting here too, particularly when listened with the accompanying film, as you never seem able to completely focus, like you’re just barely holding the song in your consciousness before it seeps into the inner-workings of your mind. If you dig, Kramies, the band’s new LP will be out on September 9th via VanGerrett Records.

Michael Beach Announces New EP

Our old pal Michael Beach is back at it, today bringing news from Australia that the songwriter will be releasing a new self-titled EP this Fall. Below we’ve got the the first sneak listen, with a track that feels like a feverish march on our sanity. For me, there’s really two sides to what Beach and company are doing. Musically, there’s this furious push and pounding rhythm, setting up the song as a sort of punk rock party anthem. But, Michael’s vocals are extremely steady in that mix, headstrong and just a melody above spoken word; it gives him this sort of rocker croon that slides right into the grooves. Stoked to see he’ll be touring the US this Fall, with a stop at Goner Fest…speaking of, Goner Records is putting out the EP along with Poison City on September 30th.

Trouble in Mind Reissuing Onyon’s Debut

Did you hear Onyon‘s debut EP? Yeah, me either, but that’s the great thing about labels like Trouble in Mind Records, they’re not afraid to reissue a rad record, just so it ends up on your radar for the future. This record’s filled with jittery darkness, with vocals knifing back and forth between English and German, much like the guitars throughout the EP. If you think you’re getting weary of the post-punk attitude, then throw on a tune like “Shining River Utah” that illustrates how far the Leipzig bunch can push this sound. Shout out to TiM for turning all of us onto this rad album; you can hear the whole thing on the band’s page, or wait and grab the cassette from the label now!

The Glass Picture Release Self-Titled EP

Well, it’s Friday, or yesterday if you’re in Australia, and so yesterday, The Glass Picture dropped their self-titled EP. This duo is made up of Violetta del Conte-Race and Lucy Emanuel, who’ve been in other groups like Las Tetas or Primo!, so of course that’s right up my alley. These six songs are contemplative synth pop tunes, carefully allowing the melodies of the vocals to kind of dictate the pace and beat of each song; I’m partial to “CD Ballad” on my first few run throughs of the EP, with “Sewing” right behind. You know the added bonus? The EP is out courtesy of Chapter Music, some of the finest tastemakers in all of Australia. Stream it all below!

Rider Release Debut EP

Rider might be a new name on your radar, as it is mine, but the project is helmed by Frode Stromstad of I Was a King. The Norwegian project also includes Honey Radar‘s Jason Henn on drums, which should further our interest on this side of the pond. This project definitely pulls in Frode’s familiarity with little nuggets of pop, though admittedly, this feels a bit grittier, in the best way possible. “Deep Rivers” has some faint GBV references, though Stromstad’s voice is too kind, offering more of a melodic feel. I think the easiest to access for folks will be “Smell the Floor,” built on huge riffs disguised beneath layers of fuzz, though rest assured there’s melodic treasure lurking beneath this song’s surface. Just imagine if Comet Gain were a power pop band; then you’ll understand Rider. Stream the whole EP below!

Digging on The Umbrella Puzzles

Everyone in the little circle of indiepop nerds has been dropping hints to me that I should check out the Umbrella Puzzles, and I’m glad I finally came to my senses. You can stream the band’s forthcoming EP before its release, and you’ll hear what I’m talking about. My first run through, I could hear the indiepop vibes going on in the vocals; they have that melodic softness that makes fans of the genre swoon. Musically, it had this almost classic psychedelic pop moment, but the more I listened, the more I feel like the band has no problem calling themselves fans of acts like Television Personalities. Sure, there’s a nostalgic rock vibe, but it has this bounce to it that you’ll surely find yourself enjoying this afternoon. The EP is available on November 14th from

New Music from Made-Up

Imagine that you took bands like the Clientele, Animal Collective and Elvis Depressedly…then throw it in a blender and see how fucking beautiful the world could be…that’s what this new track from Made-Up sounds like to me. It has this warped, warm coating that intoxicates the listener, while still making nods to our love of pop sensibility. Still, it has this natural intimacy that lends itself to the vibe we often get with bedroom recordings; it’s sort of the perfect blend of all your favorite things, allowing you, encouraging you, to get swept away in the world. Look for the Made-Up EP, out March 8th via Forged Artifacts.

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